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New Holland has further extended its range of telehandlers into the sub-six metre segment 
New Holland has further extended its range of telehandlers into the sub-six metre segment

• Two new LM5020 and LM5030 models for livestock and light industrial applications

• Compact overall dimensions comply with strict two metre height and width restrictions

• Robust design enhances durability in demanding applications

• Exceptional manoeuvrability with super tight turning circle as small as 3.4 metres and an inching pedal

• Panoramic visibility courtesy of outstanding glazed area

• Up to an impressive 110 litres/minute hydraulic flow for reduced cycle times and maximum 2.8 tonne lifting performance

• Industry-leading operator comfort

New Holland has extended the LM5000 range of telehandlers to include two new compact models: the LM5020 and LM5030, to suit the needs of operations that work in restricted spaces. The two new models feature productivity enhancing 360° visibility and unsurpassed manoeuvrability, together with industry-leading levels of operator comfort, all housed in a super compact frame of not more than two metres wide and high. Distinctive New Holland styling and powerful Tier 3 compliant engines complete the package.

“The LM5020 and LM5030 complete New Holland’s range of telehandlers,” said Pierre Lahutte, Head of Tractors, Telehandlers & Precision Farming Product Management. “The LM5020 is perfect for small livestock and horticultural operations, offering high levels of lifting performance in an overall compact package. The LM5030 is the natural choice for more demanding farmers, working in hilly conditions or for silage applications, or even for light industrial businesses, thanks to the 101hp engine.”

Compact dimensions for restricted spaces
The LM5020 and LM5030 are set to become the default choice for height sensitive operations. The machines’ overall compact dimensions ensure they offer ‘access all areas’ manoeuvrability, while maintaining the power to perform. The LM5020 is equipped with the powerful and efficient Tier 3 Common Rail turbo charged engine, whereas the LM5030 offers mechanical injection for economical efficiency. The LM5020’s overall dimensions of 4.1 metres x 1.8 metres x 1.95 metres (length x width x height) mean that even the lowest chicken sheds can be accessed with ease.When combined with a 2.5 tonne lift capacity at 5.78 metres, performance and accessibility are a given. The LM5030 also guarantees easy-access, together with a beefed-up lift capacity of 2.8 tonnes at 6.35 metres, in a petite framer of 4.67 metres x 2 metres x 2 metres (length x width x height).

Robust design for dependable operation
The LM5020 and LM5030 models have been optimised for reliability and dependability in demanding operating environments thanks to their robust in-house design and manufacture. All key stressed components, including the chassis and boom are produced in thick, reinforced steel to guarantee stability and durability during prolonged operation. The heavy-duty steel structure means that the LM5020 and LM5030 are, on average, 10-12% heavier than the competition for increased stability when lifting heavy loads at full extension.

New Holland’s extensive dealer network has been trained to offer support and to undertake routine maintenance for the entire range of LM5000 telehandlers.

Turn on a six pence manoeuvrability
New Holland knows that unparalleled manoeuvrability is a prerequisite for efficient yard work and the two new telehandler models deliver just that. The LM5020 has a turning circle of 3.4 metres and the LM5030 can turn around in a mere 4.0 metres, which offers turn on a six pence manoeuvrability, even in the tightest yards and sheds. An inching pedal is available to guarantee precision machine placement, perfect when stacking or selecting bales, moving fertiliser or grain for improved accuracy, reduced loses and increased safety, productivity and profitability. Thanks to the machine’s robust design, the high degree of torsional rigidity further enhances positioning accuracy.

The LM5030 benefits from a highly accurate two pilot light steering alignment system. This state-of-the-art technology ensures that both the front and rear wheels are aligned to guarantee precision operation, perfect when working in conditions of reduced visibility or in dimly lit sheds.

Outstanding visibility for improved accuracy
To further enhance accuracy and safety, 360° visibility is guaranteed thanks to the very large glazed area. The panoramic wrap-around windscreen stretches right to the back of the cab and offers an unfettered view of the boom from ground level to full extension. Safety is further enhanced thanks to a fully compliant Fall-On-Protection-System (FOPS) compliant cab.

High performance hydraulics
The LM5020 and LM5030 models benefit from impressive hydraulic performance, perfect for even the most demanding applications. The respective 85 and 110 litres/minute hydraulic flow ensure that cycle times are kept to a minimum to guarantee efficient loading or bale stacking for improved productivity and reduced time lifting. Both models benefit from patented compensation cylinder technology. This technology is situated inside the lifting cylinder and ensures a balanced pressure is always exerted on the boom which offers two major benefits. This solution increases durability and also keeps attachments parallel to the ground during lifting for increased accuracy and safety.

The single, ergonomic joystick can control up to five services, ideal for specialist applications such as silage clamps. This intuitive lever falls perfectly to hand, to the operator’s right, and controls all lifting, extension and tertiary functions for all implements from forks through to buckets and clamps.

Unsurpassed operator comfort
The LM5020 and LM5030 cabs offer industry-leading levels of operator comfort and ergonomic operation for increased productivity and reduced fatigue during long working days. The spacious cab is mounted on silent blocks to cushion operators from the harshest shocks when working on uneven terrain. Operators of all sizes will feel perfectly at home as all machine controls fall perfectly to hand and can be operated from the comfort of the driver’s seat.

The entire range can be specified with two different comfort levels. The entry level offering is perfect for operations looking for economical productivity. This can be upgraded to the special comfort pack, which includes air-conditioning and double-glazing to keep operators cool on the hottest days or when working in humid livestock sheds; an air seat for enhanced comfort and a full range of work lights. For the most demanding customers, an additional comfort kit with a mobile telephone holder can also be specified.

The cab has a distinctive New Holland feel, both in its layout and colour schemeand key external styling cues have also been integrated including the blue boom and new ‘ blue and yellow swoosh’ visual identity.

Model Engine power hp[CV] Dimensions (LxWxH) (Metres) Max. boom extension (Metres) Max. lift capacity (Tonnes) Max. hydraulic flow (litres/minute) Turning circle (Metres)
LM5020 87 hp 4,1 x 1,8 x 1,95 5,78 2,5 85 3,4
LM5030 101 hp 4,67 x 2,0 x 2,0 6,35 2,8 110 4,0




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