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New Holland TC5000 range: reliable harvesting productivity just got even more efficient and powerful with the introduction of ECOBlue™ SCR technology 
• Powerful and fuel efficient ECOBlue™ SCR Nef engines for Tier 4A compliance on the TC5070 and TC5080 for improved productivity, reduced fuel consumption and environmental impact
• Versatile hydrostatic transmissions for increased harvesting flexibility
• Rotary separator maintains separating performance in high yielding crops and in difficult conditions
• VariFeed™ headers guarantee smooth feeding in all crops and superb crop to crop flexibility
• SmartSieve™ technology for class-leading separation and grain sample
• Intuitive control of all features further enhances the operator experience
• Turnable stairs aid visibility and ensure compliance with stringent transport width restrictions
• Hillside variant maintains harvesting productivity when tackling even the most extreme in-field gradients

New Holland’s upgraded range of TC5000 combines is set to significantly improve the productivity and efficiency of farm operations harvesting up to 300 ha, whilst offering an enhanced operator experience. The six model line-up offers innovative technology that has been engineered by design to offer unbeatable throughput, even in the most demanding conditions; a dedicated Hillside model is ideally suited to extreme gradients. The operator experience has been enhanced with increased automation. A maximum grain tank size of 6,000 litres is the perfect match for the largest 6.1m VariFeed™ headers.

“The TC5000 has become the default choice for mixed farms and arable operations harvesting up to 300 hectares and contractors, earning a reputation for ultimate reliability in an intuitive and easy-to-use package.” Stated Hedley Cooper, Head of Combine Harvester Product Management.

“It benefits from more than a century of New Holland harvesting history, with over 105 years of continuous production and cutting edge development stemming from New Holland’s Centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, and it can trace its self-propelled harvesting bloodline back over sixty years. Acclaimed New Holland features, such as VariFeed headers, SmartSieve cleaning systems and ECOBlue™ SCR technology for Tier 4A complianceon the range-topping TC5070 and TC5080 models, are available. These trademark New Holland innovations guarantee productivity with zero operator stress.”

Powerful Tier 4A compliant engines for improved performance, reduced fuel consumption and environmental impact
The range topping TC5070, TC5080 and TC5080 Hillside models are all fitted with the 6.8 litre Nef engine boasting ECOBlue™ Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology, that was developed in partnership with FPT Industrial, to meet the Tier 4A emissions standards. This highly efficient technology ensures the engine breathes only clean fresh air for efficient combustion, which can lower fuel consumption by up to six per cent. A fundamental element of ECOBlue™ SCR technology is AdBlue, which is injected in the after-treatment system to neutralise the harmful exhaust emissions produced during combustion. It turns them into water and nitrogen, both of which are naturally present in the environment. The range’s AdBlue system has been designed for minimal operator input, and the 80 litre tank only needs to be filled every second diesel refill. It is located next to the pre-existing diesel tank to ensure hassle-free filling. Operators can continually monitor the AdBlue level simply by clicking on the engine button and looking at the easy-to-read display.

The complete TC5000 range is fitted with the powerful and efficient 6.8 litre Nef engine developed by FPT Industrial, delivering maximum harvesting outputs of between 175 – 258hp at 2000 rpm.

Hydrostatic drive for maximum versatility
All five strawwalker models (TC5050-TC5080) are equipped with hydrostatic transmissions as standard for enhanced versatility. A wider range of speeds can be attained in each gear, therefore in fields of varying yields, operators can simply speed up or slow down whilst maintaining the selected gear as conditions dictate, without the need to stop for productivity impacting stationary gear changes. Furthermore, it is even easier and quicker to manoeuver on tight headlands as operators can shuttle between forward and reverse without the need to change gear. Enhanced overall reliability and low internal power consumption complete the full range of hydrostatic advantages.

Optimal throughput in even the most demanding conditions
New Holland’s continual quest to increased harvesting productivity resulted in the invention of the Rotary Separator, which is now available on all five strawwalker models. This is a key feature for contractors and farmers that work in high yielding and challenging conditions. It significantly enhances separation performance, thanks to both the considerable centrifugal force generated by its 0.605m diameter, as well as the 0.83m2 increase in the concave area and that of the total powered separation area to a massive 1.82m2, to ensure that every grain harvested makes it into the tank. Two pre-set rotation speeds and two concave positions enable separation to be fine-tuned for different crops and in changing conditions.

VariFeed headers for improved feeding
In order to guarantee optimum harvesting quality and a uniform cut in fields of differing crop heights, the TC5000 range can be specified with state-of-the-art VariFeed™ headers. For operations which extensively harvest oil seed rape, the knife bed can be adjusted by a full 500mm in the fore-aft position for constant, even feeding. These headers are available in widths of between 5.18 – 6.1m.

Gravity defying cleaning technology
The SmartSieve™ feature is ideal for operations stretching over undulating terrain. This system automatically changes the throw angle of the grain on the sieve by up to 25% in relation to the actual lateral field gradient to prevent build-ups of grain and straw which are a key cause of poor grain samples or grain losses. When combined with the dual cascade cleaning shoe, with a wind controlled cleaning area of 4.32m2, the TC5000 range provides segment-leading grain samples.

The ultimate operator environment
The already comfortable operator environment has been further enhanced with intuitive controls for the new features: the adjustment of the VariFeed™ header, for example, is carried out from the comfort of the cab. Traditional favourites have been retained such as the multifunction handle which controls all header functions together with forward speed, and the 191° of panoramic visibility offer an unfettered view of the header and unloading auger. The operator seat has been lowered by a full 50mm to enhance comfort during long working days for operators of all sizes, and on models equipped with remote drive engagement, the cool box and instructor’s seat complete the package.

Turnable stairs for enhanced visibility
The fully turnable stairs, identical to those found on flagship models, ensure that overall road widths are kept to a minimum for full compliance with stringent local restrictions, as well as improved visibility on the road. The ladder offers easy access to the cab, with the rungs ideally spaced for ergonomic climbing, and can be retracted for work and transport, or moved out for access from both the operator’s platform and from ground level.

Model Number of strawwalkers Maximum harvesting (kW/hp) Grain tank capacity (litres) Maximum header width (metres)
TC5040 4 129 / 175 4000 4.57
TC5050 4 129 / 175 4000 4.57
TC5060 5 129 / 175 5200 5.18
TC5070 / TC5080 5

167 / 227
190 /258

6000 6.03




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