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The new TD5 range offers robust performance in a comfortable and rich package 
• New VisionView™ cab: segment-leading operator comfort and ergonomics in a stylish package
• Robust and efficient mechanical engines: up to 113hp for ultimate productivity and efficiency
• Segment-first hydraulic PowerShuttle: ideal for loader applications
• ROPS option with full FOPS compliance: outstanding operator safety
• R38 tyre compatibility for enhanced productivity and reduced soil compaction

New Holland has reinvented and extended the TD5 range of tractors which will provide traditional dairy and livestock farmers with a reliable tractor at a very competitive price point. The extended series now features six models all with distinctive New Holland styling: the TD5.65, TD5.75, TD5.85, TD5.95, together with the two new range topping TD5.105 and TD5.115 models, that develop between 65 and 113hp. Pierre Lahutte, Head of Tractor Product Management comments, “The TD5 range has been carefully conceived to satisfy the demands of this highly competitive segment with specific requirements. Well-loved elements, such as mechanical transmissions and easy maintenance have been coupled with a new cab and a column-mounted hydraulic PowerShuttle, which is unique in this segment, to offer a modern take on a traditional favourite.”

New VisionView™ cab: segment-leading operator comfort and ergonomics in a stylish package

The all-new cab guarantees outstanding comfort and intuitive control of all key tractor functions. The operator focused design features significant ergonomic improvements: all principal controls, including the hand throttle and hydraulic remote valve control levers, have been relocated to the right hand console to minimise twisting and turning by the operator. The fully integrated loader joystick, which is ergonomically positioned in the cab, together with the column mounted shuttle lever, increase loader productivity and reduce operator fatigue. A dedicated pedal for steering column adjustment enables users to position the steering wheel whilst in their natural operating position.
Visibility is a key TD5 trademark, and the optional high visibility panel, which takes the overall glazed area to an impressive 5.034m2, is ideal for loader work, providing outstanding visibility throughout the entire lift cycle.
An all-new concept in air conditioning has been developed. A super-fast defrosting vent directs a powerful stream of air down onto the front windscreen to ensure speedy start-up on frosty mornings and evenings. Operators of all ages and sizes can sit back and relax in the VisionView™ cab, thanks to the development of a larger, more comfortable seat and they can even share their tractor courtesy of a newly introduced passenger seat.
When working late into the night, or in dimly lit barns, the protected rear work lamps powerfully illuminate even the darkest corners. The six work lamps are incorporated within the rear roof section, eliminating the need to remove them when working in areas of overhanging foliage or in low sheds.
The TD5 range boasts distinctive New Holland styling such as the sloping bonnet and trademark cat eye lights; the ergonomic lay-out further extends the tractor family-feeling.

Robust and efficient mechanical engines: up to 113hp for ultimate productivity and efficiency

The engine offering has been specifically tailored to not only the TD5 range, but to each individual model based on its specific usage profile. The entry-level TD5.65 and TD5.75 models feature punchy three-cylinder engines which deliver up to 72hp for dependable performance in a fuel efficient package. The TD5.85 sports a FPT Industrial F5C engine, and the three top models, the TD5.95 – TD5.115 are fitted with a 4.5 litre FPT Industrial Nef engine which develops maximum torque of 445Nm for the most demanding applications. These engines offer turbo-charged and intercooled economical and reliable performance in an overall fuel efficient package, with super long service intervals, of up to 600 hours, which means that users spend more time working and less time in the yard on maintenance. Furthermore, they are fully compatible with standard oils and B100, 100% biofuel.

Segment-first hydraulic PowerShuttle: ideal for loader applications

The TD5 is unique in its segment in offering an optional column mounted hydraulic PowerShuttle for on the move direction changes without the need to depress the clutch pedal. TD5.85 to TD5.115 models benefit from smooth direction changes which are perfect for loader-intensive dairy and livestock farmers when stacking bales or feeding cattle.
The TD5.65 and TD5.75 and all models, when equipped with the 20x12 transmission options can be specified exclusively with the mechanical column mounted shuttle.
Braking performance has been upgraded by 15% in line with the increased horsepower of the TD5.105 and TD5.115 models thanks to an additional brake disc to further enhance safety, especially when undertaking transport activities on hills.

ROPS option with full FOPS compliance: outstanding operator safety

The entire TD5 range is available in both cabed and ROPS variants. The ROPS platform shares the same ergonomic control layout as the cabed version, however, this model has been engineered by design with specific trim to enhance the operators experience and to withstand harsh operating conditions. ROPS variants can be fitted with a FOPS (Fall On Protection System) compliant canopy, to offer users the ultimate in peace of mind when operating with loaders and in enclosed environments where they are at risk of falling objects.

R38 tyre compatibility for enhanced productivity and reduced soil compaction

The TD5.105 and TD5.115 models are fully compatible with R38 rear and R28 front tyres, the only tractor in this class to offer this productivity boosting feature. These tyres offer increased ground clearance when working with valuable row crops such as salad vegetables, as well as increased traction and reduced soil compaction in all applications.

Model Specification

The new numbering on the TD5 series makes the performance of each model immediately obvious. The TD is synonymous with rugged, traditional , value for money tractors. The first digit ‘5’ positions the model in the complete New Holland tractor family. The numbers following the dot denote the model’s maximum horsepower.



Maximum Power (hp[CV])

Maximum Torque (Nm)



















The new TD5 models will be making their debut in the UK and Ireland during grassland demonstration activities in the early summer.




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