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Bryson’s Tractors go a fair way to helping Crow Wood Golf Club out of a hole 
Bryson’s Tractors go a fair way to helping Crow Wood Golf Club out of a hole
Crow Wood Golf Club, just ten minutes from Glasgow city centre, is a gem of a course that dates back to 1925 and consists of acres of tree-lined parkland.

The grounds, originally part of the Garnkirk Estate have Garnkirk Burn winding through the middle part of the course and on a clear day, there are magnificent views of the Campsie Hills, with Ben Lomond in the distance.

Keeping the grounds in good order is a full time job. And in order to maintain this beautiful course, the right machine is essential.

But this year Crow Wood Golf Club’s Head Green Keeper Keith Alexander discovered, to his dismay, that his eight-year-old tractor was having serious problems with the clutch and the gear box. It turned out that the repairs were going to cost more than replacing it.

“We began looking around at different machines and getting quotes. Bryson Tractors, our local New Holland dealership, were very quick in getting back to us. They took note of our specifications and selected the right machine from their range. They also offered to lend us a tractor from their yard in the meantime - our new machine was going to arrive in four to six weeks and without the borrowed tractor, we’d have been stuck. Their offer turned out to be the deal breaker.”

John Condron, Sales Manager at Bryson Tractors in Lanark, agrees that when the old golf course tractor broke down, they knew they needed to act quickly:
“First of all we investigated the second hand market but there wasn’t anything suitable available, so we began to work out a good deal for a brand new tractor.”

“The golf club chose a New Holland Boomer 3045 Easydrive, which is very efficient and quiet to operate. It has unique controls – with just one pedal to control engine speed and travel speed. We took the tractor to the golf course for a demonstration and everyone was very happy with it.”

Keith Alexander says the whole episode has had a very satisfactory outcome:
“Our new Boomer 3045 is very efficient when it comes to fuel consumption and it is very versatile. Visibility from the cab is excellent – which is essential on a busy golf course – and it’s a very comfortable cab too. We use the machine in a tractor/trailer combination; it also pulls the rough cutters behind for the semi-rough and it’s used to pull the aeration equipment in the winter. Choosing the New Holland Boomer 3045 EasyDrive™ was a great decision –it’s turned out really well for us.”




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