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CNH Welcomes UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg 
CNH Welcomes UK Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg
BASILDON, UK – (May 8, 2012) – CNH’s manufacturing plant in Basildon, UK, received a visit today by UK Prime Minister David Cameron and UK Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg.

Held in the presence of national and local press, the event was attended by Franco Fusignani, Head of New Holland Agricultural Equipment and of CNH International, Eduardo Teodorani-Fabbri, Head of CNH Corporate Development, and Derek Neilson, Head of Agricultural Manufacturing.

The Basildon manufacturing facility has a 47-year tradition of producing tractors for the medium-high market segment. Since its establishment, the factory has produced more than 1.8 million tractors. The site spans 40 hectares and employs around 1,000 people. This CNH plant is the only one that produces the innovative 110-270 horsepower tractor ranges, 92% of which are distributed worldwide. More than 5,000 farmers per year visit these premises and some receive specific training on the product.

“As the only key manufacturer in the UK agricultural equipment sector, we are committed to improving our competitiveness and leveraging the local agricultural heritage and know-how,” remarked Eduardo Teodorani-Fabbri, Head of CNH Corporate Development.

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister visited the facility and its 2km assembly line. The plant tour was followed by a Q&A session on site that was attended by around 200 employees.

On this occasion the Prime Minister said, “I was delighted to visit the CNH plant in Basildon today and meet its employees. A great example of a growing, successful company, CNH showcases the important role that manufacturing has to play as we work to rebalance our economy and foster sustainable economic growth.”

The Deputy Prime Minister added, "It's a privilege to see for myself the world leading work going on at CNH and to be able to speak to so many of the people key to that success - the Basildon plant's workforce. The Coalition Government has been straining every sinew to rebalance the British economy and put manufacturing at its heart. Supporting job creation and growth is our number one priority for Britain. Manufacturing companies like CNH have an important role to play in building the stronger more balanced economy we need.“

“It is an honor for us to welcome the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg at our world class manufacturing facility in Basildon and to show our best in class products. I am proud to say that at this site we produce a tractor every four minutes and that the value of the production in 2011 exceeded 1.2 billion pounds,” commented Mr. Fusignani.

CNH UK belongs to the top 15 UK export companies and its products are exported to approximately 120 countries worldwide.




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