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New Holland Rustler™ 120: the vehicle of choice for groundcare professionals 
New Holland Rustler™ 120: the vehicle of choice for groundcare professionals
The New Holland Rustler™ 120 combines rugged performance with an ultra-smooth ride. A deluxe driver’s station, fully certified rollover protection structure and industry leading suspension is fitted as standard.

The Rustler™ 120 is powered by a proven 3-cylinder fuel-efficient diesel engine delivering 20hp, with a potential cargo capacity of up to 476kg in the spacious rear load platform. It also comes with front and rear hitch coupling for extra versatility, and is capable of towing up to 797kg, meaning the Rustler™ 120 is capable of handling big loads with ease.

A tough and faithful working partner, the Rustler™ 120 is ideally suited to groundcare, forestry and utility sector professionals who require a reliable, all-terrain vehicle.

Although robust in its design, the Rustler™ 120 is remarkably light on its feet, providing a smooth, light tread on turf and sensitive terrain. The industry-leading CVT transmission, and all-wheel-drive traction control, helps the Rustler™ 120 deliver the smoothest ride in its class.

With independent front and rear suspension, automatic differential locks, four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, spacious seating and a fully certified ROPS or safety-glass cab, the Rustler™ 120 is the vehicle of choice for many groundcare professionals.

Alan Ferguson, the FA’s Head Groundsman, and owner of a Rustler™ 120 commented: “It’s been absolutely superb. The FA’s football centre is set in the middle of the National Forest so we have to operate through wooded areas and some days we do not get the best traction – but the Rustler has been superb to move men and machinery about.

“I particularly like the high wheel set so you do not ground when you go over undulating terrain. You get super grip on the softest of ground. As the centre has taken shape we have had some awful situations with the site but I don’t remember getting stuck once.

“In a grounds and estate situation it works very well and we have used it to ferry strimmers and chainsaws and smaller plants around the park.”




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