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New Holland T6 delivers significant cost savings 
New Holland T6 delivers significant cost savings
New Holland’s new T6 tractor is a popular choice among farmers thanks to its power and ease of operation. However, one of its biggest draws is the significant cost savings it achieves as a result of its efficient design.

The T6 saves customers money in a number of ways:

• Reduced insurance premiums
All new T6 machines come fitted with CESAR security systems as standard. Each machine with a datatag is registered with CESAR, which acts as a strong deterrent to would-be thieves and significantly aids recovery. Recognising the value of the system amid farm machinery thefts – which amount to millions of pounds annually – many insurers provide discounted insurance premiums for CESAR registered machines like the T6.

• Fuel efficient technology
The Tier 4A compliant T6 range of tractors features ECOBlue™ SCR technology, which offers the ultimate in responsive power, uncompromised combustion cycles and 100 per cent clean fresh air intake, as well as improved maximum torque of 726 Nm and torque back up of up to 42 per cent. All models, except the entry-level T6.120, benefit from an increased Engine Power Management band of up to 40hp. All this delivers a more powerful, efficient machine with reduced stresses and fuel consumption.

• Idle speed management
Engine Idle Speed Management (EISM) technology delivers further fuel consumption optimisation, by reducing engine idle speed from 850 rpm to 650 rpm when not in use, such as when the operator leaves the cab to open a gate. When combined with ECOBlue™, it delivers a reduction of up to 10 per cent in operating costs.

• Service Plus
New Holland’s Service Plus comes standard with all new T6 machines, providing three years additional peace of mind on top of the manufacturer’s warranty. This enables you to maintain complete control over your machine’s maintenance costs, and enhances the value of your machine and improves resale opportunities.

All of these cost-saving benefits are in addition to its impressive list of features and capabilities, which include excellent transient load response, improved traction and reduced soil compaction, SuperSteer™ front linkage for enhanced manoeuvrability and super-tight 66° turning angle, as well as a leading power-to-weight ratio of 28,6 kg/hp.

For more information on the T6, speak with your local dealer.




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