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New Holland Agriculture becomes a Strategic Partner of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Pollenzo, Italy 
• Active engagement in the University academic research
• The Clean Energy Leader strategy facilitates high quality food production
• Agronomic understanding is vital to the modern ‘gastronome’

New Holland is proud to announce that it has become a Strategic Partner of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, in Pollenzo, Italy. New Holland will provide the university community, the first in the world to create a course in gastronomic sciences, with sector-leading knowledge of sustainable farming practices and the use of mechanisation in global food production.

New Holland Brand President, Carlo Lambro said: “We look forward to sharing the realities of modern agriculture with the gastronomes of tomorrow.”

He added: “These people will become the leaders in all sectors of the food industry, and they appreciate the importance of sustainable farming, which enables producers to cultivate the very finest crops. This holistic view of food production is also central to our Clean Energy Leader strategy.”

Active engagement in the University academic research

As a Strategic Partner, New Holland will actively participate in all aspects of the university including involvement with international research projects. The principal areas of involvement will encompass the importance of agricultural mechanisation and technology on food production processes as well as their impact on responsible consumption. A complementary educational visits programme, which foresees students visiting working agribusinesses, will enable them to experience first-hand the benefits of sustainable farming. Specific lectures will be delivered in conjunction with New Holland to provide students with an insight into the modern production methods used in food production.

This partnership is of particular importance to New Holland, as the Brand actively supports innovative projects, not only in terms of agricultural machinery, but those who develop innovation in building the wider agricultural community and related areas of agricultural science to improve industry practices for the future. This is why New Holland will use the University of Pollenzo as the location for various high profile brand events, to strengthen the partnership and to further raise awareness of this fruitful collaboration.

The Clean Energy Leader strategy facilitates high quality food production

New Holland’s Clean Energy Leader programme will play a fundamental role in the educational process. Sustainable production techniques such as zero-till cultivation and programmes which help farmers reduce vehicle emissions are at the heart of the Clean Energy Leader programme. New Holland is also working with farmers to reduce the carbon emissions of agriculture as consumers are increasingly demanding produce with a reduced carbon footprint. In the case of vineyards, a 10% reduction in the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine has already been achieved. This new consumer ‘awareness’ is being driven by the growing importance of the gastronome in the food industry.

Agronomic understanding is vital to the modern ‘gastronome’

New Holland’s leading agronomic knowhow will become part of the education of the gastronomes of tomorrow. A gastronome is an expert in the overall food production process, from its agricultural origins to the finished product, and they pay particular attention to the social and environmental sustainability of these products. These experts, some of whom go on to work on farms of all sizes, in the food industry and for large retailers, but also in marketing and communications roles, can positively influence the consumer, by transmitting their knowledge and awareness of these issues.




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