Dealer Testimonials



See what our dealers have to say about partnering with New Holland.

Best Product

“The best product out there.”

Doug Robertson, President, Robertson Implement

Doug is the fourth generation to run this New Holland dealership in Swift Current, Sask. His son, a Robertson Implement salesman, is generation number five.

“New Holland makes a good product you can sell with confidence. We feel we’re selling the best product out there. New Holland has always been known for their quality product and they continue to be innovative with leading-edge technology. They have a broad and diverse product line and great products, whether they are the big equipment, tractors or haying equipment. As long as we can provide that quality of product to our customers, it’s a win-win situation all around.”

Wide Offering

“Wide product offering.”

Ben Griffin, Dealer Principal, Old Stone Tractor

Ben serves many types of customers. Farmers, landscapers, builders and weekend farmers all come to him for their equipment needs.

“We do business with a lot of different types of folks. With New Holland, we can offer our customers an awfully good product and a wide-spread offering. 

“New Holland has equipment that covers a lot of areas. In the tractor line, we have tractors for the rural homeowner to the big time row crop farmer with thousands of acres. On the skid steer loader side, we have a good skid steer for the ag market, for the landscaping guy and the home builder.

“New Holland is the only product line we sell, and it is the future for us here. They’re really helping us grow our business.”


“Supportive and willing to listen.”

Terry Greenleaf, Manager and President, Ag Industrial

Terry is manger and president of a growing New Holland dealership in Rising Sun, Md., recently opened a second store location in Douglassville, Pa., and plans to continue expanding with the help of New Holland. 

“When my father started the dealership in 1976, New Holland was well known in the area for their products, and especially at that time, for their haytools. It was a very popular line and very lucrative for us from the get-go. New Holland has good products and good aftermarket support. They’re willing to back the product up, and customers know that.

“When we opened a second location in 2007, we were very grateful for New Holland’s help. They worked with us throughout that whole process, from providing market research information, to helping locate a suitable piece of property, to getting inventories together and opening the doors. 

“We’re making a commitment to keep growing with the market, so in the next couple of years, we’ll be ready to open another store. New Holland has always been a good company to work with, very supportive and willing to listen. We plan on expanding with them in the future.

New Holland Will Back Me Up

“New Holland will back me up.”

Joe Boone, Owner and Manager, Boone Tractor

Joe oversees a staff of more than 40 at three New Holland dealerships: Bedford and Salem, Va., and a new location in Lewisburg, W.V. He’s been a dealer for more than 25 years.

“Compared to a lot of other companies, it’s no doubt that New Holland is much more professional. Like everyone else, they run into problems, but the difference is, they take care of them. I think that probably relates to the assets they have available to them and to their ability to provide what the dealer needs.

“I can go to my customer and pretty much say what’s going to happen in any situation because I know New Holland will back me. A lot of times with other companies, you have to go back and forth and be the negotiator between the customer and the company. That eats up a lot of time and creates headaches for everyone. New Holland is quicker to respond. They’re very professional and that makes my job a little easier.”

Work With You

“They’ll work with you.”

Rex A. Roseboom, II, Vice President, Plainfield Equipment

When Rex decided to broaden his dealership’s product offerings and take on another line of equipment, they went with New Holland.

“We researched several brands and we decided on New Holland. The parts availability, the good product line-up, the well-known name and the quality were all factors. The support we’ve gotten from New Holland as a new dealer has been very good. They’ll work with you to get you up and running.

Want To Succeed

“They want me to succeed.”

Jones Huff, Owner, Northside New Holland

Jones has been a New Holland dealer for ten years. Before that, he worked as a sales manager for a competitive brand.

“The people at New Holland are good to work with. I’ve always had first-rate sales reps calling on me who do what they can for me. The people I deal with on a personal basis know their business and want to help. They take an interest in my business. I do think they want me to succeed.

“From my experience, New Holland provides more of a personal touch. It’s a little easier to get in touch with somebody higher up the food chain than it is with some of the other companies.”