About Biodiesel


What is Biodiesel?

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel produced from vegetable or animal oils. Feedstock such as soybeans, rape seed, sunflower seed, coconut oil or cotton seed are used to make pure 100% biodiesel (B100) or blended with conventional diesel to produce a biodiesel blend. The most common blends are 5% (B5) and 20% (B20). These fuels must meet specified industry standards for fuel quality (ASTM D6751 in North America or EN14214 in Europe) to ensure optimum performance and durability of the engine.

Why Biodiesel?

Biodiesel has been widely recognized as a fuel for today as well as the future. It is a nontoxic, renewable energy alternative, offering significant benefits, including lower emissions, greater energy independence and a positive impact on agriculture. And what's more, it's flexible, so as energy consumption changes, so can your tractor. New Holland's products can operate on a spectrum of fuel ratios, from 100% standard diesel to 100% biodiesel and every ratio in between. New Holland recognizes the importance of biodiesel as an alternative source of energy and the opportunities that it brings to our customers.

What do Biodiesel Standards Mean?

ASTM D6751 in North America and EN14214 in Europe are the industry standards that guarantee the quality of pure biodiesel and biodiesel blends. In both North America and Europe, the raw oil must undergo a process called transesterification to remove glycerides before it is converted to biodiesel suitable for blending and burning in a diesel engine. The transesterification process is a reaction of the oil with an alcohol to separate the glycerin from the fat or vegetable oil. The process leaves behind two products: methyl ester, the chemical name of biodiesel, and glycerin, a by-product usually sold for use in soaps or other products.

Biodiesel fuels approved for use in New Holland equipment must be transesterified and must comply with the North American standard ASTM D6751 or the European standard EN14214.

What New Holland Products are Biodiesel Compatible?

Many of New Holland's products are 100% biodiesel compatible, for a full list of models, click here to view the full document (PDF).