A Long History


50 years of excellence and innovation in the self- propelled forage harvesters sector is celebrated in Zedelgem with the launch of the FR9000 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.


New Holland is the first manufacture to announce Tier 4A and to establish a clear road map towards the achievement of the 2014 Tier 4B emissions regulations for 130 to 560 kW machinery thanks to the exclusive FPT Industrial SCR technology


The NH²™ hydrogen tractor and the Energy Independent farm project is publically unveiled and awarded with the Gold medal at the SIMA show in Paris, France.


The latest rotary combine model, the CR9090 Elevation, is launched and sets a new world record for combine harvesting, recognized by Guinness World Records, with 551.6 tons of wheat harvested in eight hours


Tractor number 500,000 rolls off the Jesi production line in Italy.


TM Endurance Trial in France:the 100% biodiesel fuelled TM 190carried out various farming tasks over 22days,clocking up more than 500hours of continuous operation.New Holland becomes the most active producer of 100% biodiesel compatible products.


New Holland’s CX combine is introduced, the Brand’s flagship conventional combine.


The merger between New Holland N.V. e Case Corporation gave birth to CNH.


The official launch of New Holland at our worldwide convention.


Fiat, who had acquired Braud, purchased an 80 per cent interest in Ford New Holland


Ford bought Sperry New Holland and formed Ford New Holland Inc.


Braud launched his first grape harvester, model 1020. This was further improved with the famous Braud 1014, the bestselling grape harvester in the history of the vineyard, with over 2000 units sold in less than four years


Sperry New Holland introduced the world’s first twin-rotor combine: a winning idea, still leading the industry today


Fiat 640, the most sold tractor of the famous Fiat “Nastro d’Oro” Series, was launched. An international success that still continues today.


Clayes launched the MZ the first self-propelled combine harvester in Europe.


In the late 1950s, production of two new Fiat models, Model 18 “La Piccola” and the 411 brought Fiat tractors true international success.


The company changed its name into Sperry New Holland and the same year it made a major breakthrough in hay harvesting technology with the introduction of the haybine mower-conditioner


Ford introduced the 3-point hitch on the ‘N’ tractor Series: one of the most successful tractor families ever.


Fiat Model 702 tractor was launched and went into full production a year later in Turin. It won the International Ploughing Contest in Senlis (France). Model 702 was the very first Fiat agricultural tractor built on industrial scale.


Ford came out with the prototype for the world’s first mass produced, gasoline powered tractor, named an ‘automobile plow’. In 1917 the tractor renamed Fordson Model F went into production by a new business, Henry Ford & Son Company.


Leon Claeys, a Belgian mechanic, started to develop threshing machines, and in 1906 built his factory in Zedelgem, Belgium, where our plant still stands today.


Abe Zimmerman began in an equipment repair shop in 1895 in New Holland, Pennsylvania, USA, which is where our name comes from. Later on he started producing agricultural equipment to help the farming community around him.


At New Holland, we know that for farmers and ranchers, making the most of every new opportunity depends on having the right equipment. Equipment that is technologically advanced, yet simple and easy to use. Equipment that allows them to do more with less—because working SMARTER is the best way to move forward into the future.

Building on the vision of our founding fathers, Abe Zimmerman and Henry Ford, we continue to raise the bar with SMART, award-winning equipment that has simplicity and ease of use as its guiding principles, allowing our customers to make the most of their time, their investment and their potential.

Throughout our history, we have been motivated by the forward-thinking commitment and can-do attitude of our customers. Whether they are planning to grade a driveway or double their grain operation without adding manpower, we’re inspired by their independent spirit and their desire to turn challenges into opportunities.

It’s that pioneering spirit that launched New Holland more than a century ago. We continue to build on our history of innovation, from the first freeze-proof engine to the world’s first automatic self-tie square baler to the first rotary combine, and now a hydrogen-powered tractor that brings energy-independent farming within reach.

At New Holland, our mission is to find SMARTER, better and faster ways to make technology simple, accessible and easy to use.