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Big Capacity, Even Spreading Hallmarks of New Holland M2000 Series High-Capacity Box Spreaders 

New Holland, PA (August 25, 2009) - New Holland has added two high-capacity models to its best-selling box spreader line. With heaped capacity of 524 cu. ft. for the M2080 model and 628 cu.ft. for the M2090 model, they can spread huge amounts of manure in a hurry, requiring fewer trips to the field.

New Holland box spreaders are known for their dependability and long life. The box consists of a solid poly floor and poly-bonded plywood sides, front and end gate which will hold up under harsh conditions. These materials are not only corrosion-resistant, they're smooth and slippery so heavy loads can be moved to the back of the spreader with less torque.

The M2080 and M2090 spreaders are built for durability. The hitch is an integral part of the heavy-duty, channel-iron frame that extends under the box of the spreader. The high-strength tandem walking beam axles provide a smoother ride and feature generous axle pivots for added durability.

The reliable double apron system uses heavy T-Bar chains that stand up to heavy loads of dense, packed material. Special steel alloy idler slides for the apron chains at the front of the spreader prevent the apron chain from jumping off the idler sprocket. The speed of the apron chains can be hydraulically adjusted independently of the PTO-driven beaters using the electronic control in the cab.

New Holland's M2080 and M2090 spreaders use an upper and lower beater to ensure that large pieces are broken up for more even spreading. Eighteen replaceable beater paddles, constructed of high-strength steel, are bolted to the beater shafts. Their symmetrical, rooster-comb design delivers knife-like cutting and shredding action and creates a wide, fine spreading pattern.




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