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Crop Mergers Expand New Holland Haytools Line 

New Holland, PA (August 11, 2009) - New Holland is expanding its haytools line with the addition of three new crop mergers. New Holland's H5400 Series crop mergers merge swaths to efficiently match windrow width and density with forage harvester or baler capacity. The three new models are offered in 9-foot and 12-foot pickup widths, and require only a 70-hp tractor to operate. Extensions can be added to merge up to 18 feet.

"Combining windrows allows the operator to lower production cost per ton. Use of a merger can reduce labor, as well as cut down on fuel and wheel traffic," says Mike Cornman, New Holland Hay and Forage Marketing Manager. "And hay and forage quality is also improved. Compared to raking, a merger lifts the crop onto a belt so the crop is never dragged along the ground. Leaf loss is reduced, and less stones and soil end up in the crop."

One center-pull model
For smaller operations, the economical, center-pull H5410 crop merger has a merging capability of nine to 12 feet. An optional two-foot extension can be added to merge a 14-foot cut area. The H5410 can be operated with a 70-hp tractor using one remote.

Two swing-tongue models
The nine-foot H5420 and the 12-foot H5430 models are swing-tongue, side-pull mergers that can merge up to 12 feet. Extensions can be added to expand the merge area up to 18 feet.

The H5420 and H5430 swing-tongue mergers can be operated with a 70-hp tractor equipped with two remotes, with one having at least 2000 psi hydraulic pressure. For those without adequate hydraulic flow on their tractor, an optional, self-contained hydraulic pump drive kit with a PTO pump can be installed.

Smooth crop conveyance
On all models, a floating pickup features replaceable, three-prong teeth to deliver crop evenly to an extra-wide, 42"-wide ribbed conveyor. For smooth crop flow, the pickup and conveyor speed adjust simultaneously. A tall, back conveyor panel ensures that all of the crop is collected and merged into the windrow. An anti-wrap system on the conveyor bearings prevents crop from wrapping and damaging bearing seals.

All New Holland mergers are designed to merge crop to the right. However, by using the optional inverter chute and switching two quick-connect hydraulic hoses, the direction of the merging crop can be quickly moved from left to right or vice versa.

The two standard gauge wheels can be adjusted to field or crop height by simply removing and reinstalling two pins. For better handling in rough field conditions and road transport, the rear tire swivels and has a brake, which prevents the wheel from wandering in any direction other than the direction of travel.




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