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New Holland DuraTank™ Side-Delivery Spreaders ‘Spread Right’ 

New Holland, PA (August 31, 2010) - New Holland's DuraTank™ side-delivery spreaders have been redesigned with more capacity and more heavy-duty strength. These spreaders feature a right-side discharge and easily handle a wide variety of material, including sand-laden slurry, pen pack, biosolids and poultry litter. The overshot expeller provides a fine spread pattern with precise application control-from light top-dressing to heavy spreading-for optimal utilization of nutrients reducing fertilization costs.

"When it comes to spreading, nothing gets the job done faster, cleaner, or more uniformly than a New Holland DuraTank side-delivery spreader," says Mike Cornman, New Holland Hay and Forage Segment Marketing Manager. "Its job is to turn waste into a valuable resource for the farmer."

New Holland's DuraTank spreaders provide excellent material breakup and broadcast a uniform spread pattern. They feature a round core auger to reduce power consumption. The heavy-duty overshot expeller features a quick- release poly lined pan for less power consumption and paddle wear, especially in sticky or freezing conditions. The expeller top shielding is adjustable to control the spread pattern, while preventing drift of manure to keep the tractor and spreader cleaner.

The expeller, protected by a shear-bolt, is even easier to maintain and it saves time and money. Shroud adjustments aren't necessary for a uniform spread pattern and the bolt-on expeller paddles wear longer plus, the paddles are faster and less expensive to replace than hammers. With just the pull of a handle, the expeller trough swings open to allow built-up material to fall out or precipitation to drain away.

The DuraTank spreaders feature a 40/60 front-to-rear split tandem axle which allows for increased wheel spindle and longer tire life during tight turns, as well as, providing a smoother ride in the field.

The optional Digi-Star® Nutrient Tracker™ gives livestock producers a way to document manure application for management plans. The advanced scale system displays the actual tons per acre spread and provides recordkeeping files of manure application in compliance with NRCS's CAFO animal waste regulations. This information can be utilized to calculate applied nutrient values, as well as, generate application rate maps.

There are three DuraTank models: the 2000S, 2600S and 3400S with 2,000, 2,600 and 3,400 gallon capacities respectively. All models feature heavy-duty gusseted tank supports to endure the heaviest loads for years to come, along with hardened flighting auger segments that provide strength when spreading dense or frozen materials.




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