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High-Speed, High-Volume Raking with New Holland Heavy-Duty Wheel Rake 

New Holland, PA (September 01, 2009) - New Holland's new H5980 heavy-duty wheel rake is built for the rigorous demands of hay growers requiring high-speed, high-volume, flat-land raking. The rake can be operated at speeds as high as 15 mph.

With eight 60" raking wheels on the left side and nine on the right, the H5980 rakes an area up to 30'3" wide. This offset design turns all the crop, ensuring uniform crop drydown. There's no need for a center kicker wheel, so the operator can drive faster. A convenient hydraulic adjustment allows the operator to change windrow width from the tractor seat to produce a finished windrow as wide as 72".

The rake arms are adjustable so windrows are easily adjusted to crop and field conditions. The patented mechanical rake beam can be adjusted from 0 to 10 degrees from vertical: zero degrees for a fluffier windrow that promotes additional drydown, or ten degrees for a tighter windrow to help retain moisture or reduce the potential for windrow wind damage.

Instead of adjusting each wheel individually, gang adjustment of ground pressure is easily accomplished at the end of each rake beam to save time, achieve optimum raking action and reduce tine wear. Offset walking beam tandem wheels allow the H5980 to follow ground contours and maintain consistent tine height, as well as help the unit travel smoothly over wheel tracks or irrigation borders. Compression dampening spring assemblies provide flotation for each individual rake wheel.

To save time and hassle of having to get off the tractor to reposition the wheels, the rake wheel supports have an integrated gusset and over-center stop that keep the wheels in the proper position.

For added durability, the hydraulic hose routing is protected by rubber conduit on the telescoping frame to keep the hoses from pinching and binding.




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