CR Twin Rotor® Combines



    You can order a CR combine factory-equipped with SmartTrax™ rubber tracks to improve your productivity. Not only do SmartTrax offer superior traction in damp and muddy conditions, they decrease soil compaction to enhance soil fertility. SmartTrax offer 60% less soil compaction compared to 520/85R42 duals. Yet you get a turning radius that’s comparable to a 900/60R32 single-wheeled machine. With +/- 10-degree oscillation, SmartTrax moves easily over levees, swales and ditches to keep you moving in uneven terrain. And, tracks are tensioned automatically when you raise the header to full height or swing the unloading auger out or in - how’s that for convenience? Additional time-saving features:
    21-mph road speed - fast travel between fields No grease zerks - no daily maintenance required.