Discbine® Center-Pivot Disc Mower-Conditioners



    New Holland’s new best-in-class WideDry™ conditioning systems are 125 inches wide, representing a 22% width increase compared to the H7000 Series. Since the system is wider, the crop mat is thinner and flows more smoothly and evenly for more uniform conditioning and faster drydown. Crop converges more smoothly from the cutterbar to the conditioning system, reducing crop feeding issues, particularly in thick grasses, cane and other high-volume crops.

    Choose from three proven New Holland conditioning systems
    • Chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls
    • Steel intermeshing rolls
    • LeaningEdge™ flails

    The chevron design of both the rubber and steel rolls helps to crimp and crack stems evenly along the entire length of the plant, for fast drydown but gentle leaf retention. This proven system is best for legume crops and crop mixtures, and prevents material from wrapping around the rolls

    Roll conditioning systems generate air movement that can blow lighter crop away from the cutterbar and adversely affect cutting quality. For better cut quality, you can switch the sheaves on the roll drive provided with the rubber chevron rolls or steel intermeshing rolls, and slow roll speed from 750 rpm to 640 rpm. This feature allows the roll speed to be decreased to minimize air bursts while maintaining cutterbar speed to provide excellent cut quality in light crop conditions.

    For fast drying of grass hay, choose New Holland flail conditioning. The 20-degree tangent of LeaningEdge™ flails causes more outward pressure, pushing crop against the adjustable hood for more aggressive conditioning, then releasing crop at the ideal moment to prevent carry-around for uniform, fast-drying swaths or windrows. A slow-speed kit is also available for the flail conditioning system.

    Both the New Holland roll systems and flail system are easy to tailor to your crop and moisture conditions. No tools are needed to adjust roll pressure. The unique torsion-bar roll–pressure system maintains near constant pressure for consistent conditioning. The system automatically releases roll pressure to clear plugs, without having to stop.

    On the flail system, a turn of a crank is all that is needed to adjust conditioning intensity. Raise the hood away from the flails for lighter conditioning or lower the hood for more aggressive action. An optional textured hood liner offers even more thorough grass conditioning.