FR Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

424 to 824 HP

HEADERS - Adaptable AttachmentsHEADERS - Adaptable Attachments

  • In addition to all of the purpose-built headers provided for New Holland Forage Harvesters, additional headers can be adapted to fit the FR to customize your harvesting experience. The chart below lists some of the headers which have been adapted in the past to fit the FR Forage Harvester. Speak to your local dealer for more information about how to unlock your FR’s true potential.

  • Varifeed Header
    760CG 17 ft
    760CG 20 ft
    760CG 24 ft
    Varifeed Header
    760CG 16 ft
    760CG 18 ft
    760CG 20 ft
    760CG 22 ft
    760CG 25 ft
    760CG 30 ft
    760CG 35 ft
    Combine Maize Header
    98D08R 8-Row Corn Head
    98D12R 12-Row Corn Head
    99C08R 8-Row Corn Chopping
    99C12R 12 Row Corn Chopping

  • High-Capacity Grain Header
    15 ft
    17 ft
    20 ft
    24 ft
    30 ft