FR Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

424 to 824 HP

HEADERS - Wood ChoppingHEADERS - Wood Chopping


    This header transforms the FR Forage Harvester into a single pass, cut-and-chip harvesting system for short-rotation woody crops. The resulting woody biomass is used for the production of biofuels and traditional wood and fiber products. Large, quarter-inch-thick, high speed, carbide-tipped saw blades cut cleanly and quickly through tree trunks. Next, two slow-turning vertical gathering towers feed the severed trunks into the horizontal rolls that, in turn, feed the trunks butt-end first into the massive cutterhead. In addition to working faster than other harvesting methods, the 130FB also leaves clean stubble for maximum regrowth.

    Willow Header
    130FB 1 or 2 Row