Speedrower® Self-Propelled Windrowers



    When you pair a Speedrower® SP Windrower with a new DuraSwath™ draper head, expect your productivity to climb. Available in 25-, 30-, 36- and 40-foot widths, DuraSwath headers cut big acreage down to size and are ideal for swathing small grains, canola, forage and specialty crops.

    The brand-new Speedrower hydraulic system allows DuraSwath draper heads to handle increased power to the knife, draper and reel circuits. A split hydraulic system features two oversized 40-gallon- per-minute (gpm) piston pumps, allowing the knife to run on one circuit and the draper and reel to run on another. The reel drive is a hydraulically powered chain drive, and allows for more accurate reel speed and increased power for tough crops. Oversized pumps allow you to rake advantage of “Power Manage.” This feature allows you to throttle back while keeping the same header RPMs to maintain performance, but save on fuel and reduce cab noise. In-cab speed sensors are standard for the knife, reel and belt drives, allowing the operator to view them directly.

    The reel arms on each side of the header operate the reel at a steeper attack angle to reach crop in front of the knives for improved crop feeding, especially in lodged and down crops. You can adjust the reel attack angle as needed on the fly while swathing.

    An upgraded, low-profile cutterbar cuts close to the ground—from 3/4 inches with a maximum guard angle of eight degrees to 1-5/8 inches with a minimum guard angle of two degrees. The rugged New Holland cutterbar system works well in all crops, and especially well in muddy, down and wet crops. Double heat-treated stub guards are available for use in crops that are very tough or green. The Schumacher cutterbar system provides excellent cutting in all crops. A new knife drive motor is both efficient and reliable to handle the torque resulting from tough conditions. The improved sealed knife head bearing requires no greasing. Double heat-treated knife hold-downs have been improved to offer increased durability and easier service adjustment. New, long-life, six-inch poly skid shoes offer a smooth transition and improved on-the-ground cutting.

    The draper angle has been decreased from 20 degrees to 15 degrees for better feeding and improved visibility. There’s ample space on the table and no need for a cross auger as required on other draper heads. Deck opening adjusts from 55 to 65 inches on double-swath heads, 56 to 72 inches on center delivery heads, with an 80-inch opening possible when back panel extensions are removed. An integrated draper seal and slide block keeps deck slides free from material build-up.

    Thick, durable Raptor™ draper belts are center-driven, and are pulled—not pushed—for improved feeding efficiency. Raptor belt canvas now has over eight inches of support, allowing materials to sit front first and make a smooth transition from cutterbar and reel to belt. Belts are double V-guided and fully reversible for twice the life and edge-sealed to keep trash out.

    The 6”x10” tube frame and fabricated end struts provides increased frame strength and excellent visibility to the cutterbar so operators can see the crop as it is cut. Reel tubing is manufactured from thicker but lighter HSLA (high-strength, low-alloy) steel for increased strength and reduced weight. Specially designed tine and bat spacing helps reduce wrapping, and allows crops to be easily lifted, divided and fed to the draper belts. A locking collar keeps reel arms and bats connected to the center tube. A timing arm now wraps around the bat and has locking knuckles that provide support and stability to the reel.

    • Fully castering gauge wheels – 3 to 8 inches of shock travel
    • Roto-Shear Ready option – equips the header to be ready to install a vertical knife on each end to help cut through down, tangled or green crops
    • Cross auger – available for the 30-, 36- and 40-foot models to help in tall, bushy crops
    • Crop dividers – choice of pipe divider or floating tip dividers to reduce crop trampling
    • Four-wheel transport system for 40-foot models – includes a two-piece hitch that stores on the header and a flip up rear axle for easy changes between field and transport

    Model DuraSwath 421HB / DH213 DuraSwath 425HB / DH253 DuraSwath 430HB / DH303 DuraSwath 436HB / DH363 DuraSwath 440HB / DH403
    Versions Available          
    Single-knife drive, Single Swath, Single Reel NA X X NA NA
    Single-Knife Drive, Double Swath, Single Reel NA X X NA NA
    Double-Knife Drive, Single Swath, Single Reel NA X X X NA
    Double-Knife Drive, Single Swath, Split Reel NA NA NA X X
    Double-Knife Drive, Double Swath, Single Reel X X X X NA
    Double-Knife Drive, Double Swath, Split Reel NA NA NA X NA