The fast unloading hydraulic push discharge is smooth and uniform and the vertical beaters spread material out wide and thin with a 30 foot spread pattern. The Hydrabox is ideal for top-dressing active hay fields and prior to no-till planting. Pen/bedded pack manure, poultry litter, soil amendments, mulch and compost are ideal for spreading with the Hydrabox. The Hydrabox hydraulic push is a simpler and more reliable mechanism than a traditional chain floor spreader because the chains may stretch and wear over time.

    Technical Specifications

    There are two Hydrabox models, the 425V and the 550V, which have capacities of 425 and 550 heaped bushels, respectively. These capacities are sized to meet your needs no matter the size of your farm.

    The frame of the spreader has been designed to carry your heaviest loads with floor supports spaced every nine inches and a fully welded structure. The tongue pulls directly from the axle, not the box, for greater reliability when hauling heavy loads year after year.

    The operation of the Hydrabox is simplified by a phased hydraulic system. The system only requires one set of tractor remotes verses two, which is common on competitive models. Phased hydraulic control of the end-gate and push cylinder means there is less opportunity of "forgotten" end-gate damages.

    The cylinders that engage the Hydrabox are a unique opposing twin push design. The staggered cylinders create a shorter distance between the tractor and the front of the spreader, the shorter tongue length the tighter turning radius and allows for better maneuverability in yards and feedlot pens. These cylinders can also be replaced independently if service is required keeping costs to a minimum.

    Unlike the traditional horizontal beaters that spread only the width of the spreader, vertical beaters, standard on the New Holland Hydrabox, spread material up to a 30 foot width. The spread pattern from these vertical beaters is ideal for keeping material thin on active hay fields or before no-till seeding. These beaters are also easy to remove so the spreader may be repurposed for other jobs like stockpiling manure or poultry litter.