Rustler™ Utility Vehicles

14-23 hp



    The Rustler™ offers the perfect balance of capability and performance, with engines that offer best-in-class power, torque and efficiency, so you can enjoy the thrill of the ride while you power through tough terrain.
  • RUSTLER™ 115

    With up to 20% more displacement and 8% more horsepower and torque than the competition, this V-twin engine packs a punch that’s impressively matched by its smooth operation. Special calibration provides crisp acceleration on demand. Superior balance and low vibration reduce noise and emissions. And you benefit from clean, quiet, fuel-efficient performance.
  • RUSTLER™ 120

    Reporting for duty with a diesel engine borrowed from skid steers, mini loaders and mini excavators, this engine can handle your most ambitious plans. It features liquid cooling with a remote reservoir fill and 33 pounds of torque. Plus, an engine life of 6,000 hours lets it play hard once the work is done.
  • RUSTLER™ 125

    An industrial-grade engine puts more capability at your command. Smart design, including a twin barrel, internally heated and vented carburetor; cast-iron cylinder liners; pressurized lubrication, and an automotive-grade starter keep you running at peak performance.