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Horses fed hay grown by Pinnacle Farms probably don’t care that they have been given hay untouched by human hands. Their owners, more concerned about color and smell, certainly don’t buy hay simply because it has never been touched.

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Tony Brateng

No Regrets Career Choice

Tony Brateng was just 21 years old and had not yet completed college when he made the biggest decision of his young life: he went into farming full-time and on his own, with no equity and no money. In fact, he didn’t even have much of a farm background.

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Cliff and Dave Obbink

Grow or Get Out

The message was clear: expand or get out of the business. A decade ago, third-generation dairy producers Cliff and Dave Obbink saw the writing on the wall. They had a tough decision to make, but growing and making some huge changes somehow seemed easier than leaving the dairy business behind.

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Wind Catcher

The Windcatchers

John Cox may have been a stranger when he strolled up the driveway of a home in rural southwest Oregon, but he quickly became a friend when the owners learned who he was…one of just a few people in the country who knew how to repair a bit of history on their land.

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Tex-Mex Stuffed Pasta Shells

Country Kitchen

New Holland News readers submit their very own recipes. This issue, Sylvia Murphy shares her recipe for Tex-Mex Stuffed Pasta Shells.

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FFA Meeting


Whether you support a local FFA chapter or have proudly worn the blue FFA jacket yourself, if you’re involved in the business of agriculture, you’ve undoubtedly been touched in some way by the FFA.

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