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Make Haylage in a Day with New Holland Wide Thin Fins 

New Holland, PA (August 31, 2010) - A new Discbine® disc mower-conditioner option from New Holland allows haymakers to make haylage in a day by spreading the crop wide and thin to speed up dry-down.

"Research shows us that putting hay into a wide swath immediately after cutting is the single most important factor in maximizing dry-down and preserving feed value," says Mike Cornman, New Holland Hay and Forage Segment Marketing Manager." Wide Thin Fins fan the crop out in a broad, even swath so the entire swath dries more quickly and evenly. Depending on crop and weather conditions, haylage can often be chopped the same day it is cut."

Wide Thin Fins, an optional attachment for New Holland's Discbine® disc mower-conditioners, re-spread the crop into a wide, thin swath after it leaves the conditioning rolls or flails. The four 11-inch long metal fins are bolted onto the mower-conditioner's swath gate to spread out the crop for faster drying.

The wide spreading performance is most pronounced on the 13-ft. and 15.5 ft. Discbine models, where crop can be evenly distributed and spread up to 100% of the cutting width. On the 10-ft. machines, where the crop is already spread at about 75% of its cutting width, the fins distribute the crop more evenly and gain approximately 18 inches in spread width.

When using a Discbine disc mower-conditioner with a roll conditioning system, forage producers can open the rolls partially or fully by turning the roll gap adjustment screws to allow crop propulsion to the Wide Thin Fins with no or minimal conditioning. Forage producers may do this to get the crop dried to 65% optimum chopping moisture quickly. The fast dry-down slows further moisture loss to increase the optimum moisture/chopping-time window.

Wide Thin Fins are available as a dealer-installed option for all New Holland Discbine disc mower-conditioners with 10-ft., 13-ft. and 15.5-ft. cutting widths.




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