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New Holland T5 Electro Command™: A Shift in Business Class Farming 

New Holland, PA (July 29, 2013) - New Holland has further extended the T5 Series appeal to dairy, livestock and mixed farmers with the addition of the Electro Command™ semi-powershift transmission. Two models are available: a T5.105 and T5.115, which offer 106 and 114 horsepower respectively.  These models benefit from a state-of­-the-art transmission alongside proven, class-leading, common rail technology for Tier 4A compliance and the ergonomic VisionView™ cab.

"The T5 Electro Command™ will become the tractor of choice for intensive transport, hay and forage, and mixed farming operations thanks to its efficient transmission," stated Michael Cornman, Dairy and Livestock Segment Lead. "Furthermore, these tractors will be an excellent prospect for municipalities and road maintenance operations thanks to an ideal range of working speeds and outstanding all-round visibility."

Electro Command™ transmission: a smart shift
The Electro Command™ semi-powershift transmission is an optimized version of the acclaimed transmission that's currently fitted to New Holland's popular T6 tractors. This highly-efficient transmission features sixteen forward and reverse gears, and enables operators to select up to eight gears via up or downshift buttons on the dedicated transmission lever without physically moving it. This lever falls naturally to hand while working. Range changing is further facilitated by the addition of buttons on the right hand Command Arc. The gear selected is displayed on the easy-to-read instrument cluster, for at-a-glance gear consultation.

The Electro Command™ with Creeper will become the default choice for vegetable growers and other row crop operations. An additional clutch pack and reduction gearing provides an additional sixteen gears below the standard gearing, to deliver a total of 32x32 gears which achieve speeds as slow as .16 mph. The Creeper function is intuitively engaged courtesy of a switch on the Command Arc.

Comfort Ride™ cab suspension enhances operator comfort in the VisionView™ cab
T5s have redefined the concept of medium-sized tractor comfort with the industry-leading VisionView™ cab. When specified with the optional Comfort Ride™ cab suspension, the T5 offers an unsurpassed operating environment. Familiar to users of the T6, T7 and T8 ranges, it counters even the harshest bumps and reduces operator fatigue by providing a silky-smooth ride.

Outstanding maneuverability: exceptional agility and a wide tire offering
T5 tractors offer outstanding maneuverability, which is a prerequisite when working in tight barnyards and headlands. T5 Electro Command's™ compact dimensions have been maintained within a 93.7 inch wheelbase, which is approximately one inch longer than Dual Command versions.

Enhancing reliability is a cornerstone of New Holland's development strategy, and the rear hub diameter has been increased to a full 10.8 inches. These heavy-duty rear axles have significantly enhanced overall machine durability.

Terralock™ system and heavy-duty brakes improve traction, maneuverability, and superior stopping performance
The T5 Electro Command™ range benefits from New Holland's acclaimed Terralock™ traction management system. Once engaged, the system automatically controls four-wheel drive and differential lock engagement through continuous dialogue between speed sensors, the brake pedal, and rear linkage. The system will automatically disengage during tight turns, like on headlands. Furthermore, this advanced system eliminates the "scrubbing" effect on tires when turning as the wheels are free to turn and not locked together, consequently, productivity-impacting soil scarring is also reduced. This system is also automatically disengaged when forward speed reaches 9.3 mph for enhanced transport efficiency.

In line with the transmission enhancements, all T5 Electro Command™ tractors will benefit from a heavy-duty braking system. Brake disc life has been further extended to enhance the already impressive stopping performance. This means that T5 Electro Command™ tractors will stop safely and securely when transporting even the heaviest loads.

Powerful, high efficiency Tier 4A compliant common rail engines develop up to 114 hp
In line with New Holland's longstanding roadmap for under 100 horsepower machines, the T5 Electro Command™ benefits from cutting-edge Cooled Exhaust Gas Recirculation (CEGR) technology for Tier 4A compliance, developed in collaboration with FPT Industrial. The entire engine installation has been optimized both in terms of packaging, to ensure the T5 Electro Commands'™ dimensions remain unaffected as well as delivering outstanding performance. The cooling demands of under 100 hp machines are inherently lower than their high power counterparts, making CEGR the perfect solution. 

The T5 Electro Command™ enables significantly lower fuel bills thanks to the concurrent implementation of an exceptionally efficient CEGR system together and the introduction of Common Rail technology to the 3.4 liter F5D engine.

Auto PTO: effortless PTO implement management
New Holland has also introduced its popular Auto PTO feature to the T5 Electro Command™ tractors as well. Engaged via a dedicated switch on the B-pillar, the system is set to automatically disengage drive to the PTO when the implement reaches a predefined distance from the ground, and to reapply it when the implement returns below the pre-set threshold. This system requires zero operator input and protects the PTO shaft from reliability impacting torsional stresses during raising or lowering.  

 A pre-defined PTO speed is maintained courtesy of the fully-automated Engine Speed Management (ESM) system where operators select the desired PTO working speed and the system keeps the engine speed constant, regardless the load variations, by up or downshifting gears within the selected range.


Engine Horsepower

PTO Horsepower

Top transport speed
(16x16 & 32x32)

Minimum speed with Creeper

Electro Command



25 mph / 40 kph

.16 mph / .25 kph

Electro Command



25 mph / 40 kph

.16 mph / .25 kph




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