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Whatever machines you own, however basic or advanced, you will undoubtedly experience some kind of wear, breakage or damage during your busy farming year. This is why it is so important to have parts suppliers you can count on for quality, reliability and availability.

To provide you with an even wider range of parts for all your requirements​, New Holland has teamed up with leading general agricultural parts supplier Sparex. Designed especially for agricultural customers, Sparex parts will boost your performance and limit your downtime.

• 50,000+ parts
• Over 50 years of experience
• 78 different markets

Why choose SPAREX?
• Key industry player: work with a leading global supplier of aftermarket spare parts and accessories for the agricultural sector with over 50 years of experience
• Comprehensive range: access over 50,000 replacement parts, wear parts and a broad portfolio of accessories, from wireless camera systems to basic workshop parts
• Long-term, trusting relationship: feel reassured knowing that, after working with New Holland for over 30 years, Sparex knows your machines inside out

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Why choose BPI stretchfilms crop packaging products? To meet all your packaging needs, New Holland has developed a close partnership with European specialist BPI stretchfilms:

• Adapted to your needs: extensive product range for different agricultural applications; developed for the most demanding working conditions
• Extensive experience: +30 years of experience in creating reliable, cost-effective stretchfilm products
• Superior quality: ongoing product development to ensure uncompromising strength and easy, consistent application


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Keeping your evermore complex electrical components working efficiently requires targeted expertise and extensive experience.

To provide you with rigorously tested electronic parts and speedy repairs, New Holland has developed a close partnership with an international electronics specialist, Breizelec. Handling more than 2000 PCB and control unit reference numbers for tractors and other agricultural machinery, Breizelec is the ideal partner for developing and maintaining your electrical equipment.

• 100+ control units processed per day
• 8 European countries
• 2000+ PCB and control unit reference numbers

Why choose Breizelec?

• Unparalleled expertise: choose a leading electronic equipment supplier who works in partnership with major agriculture and stock farming brands
• Rigorous testing: rely on efficient circuit boards and control units subjected to realistic endurance tests to ensure optimized performance
• Superior service: benefit from efficient repairs with 12-month warranty, Europe-wide deliveries in under 48 hours and reliable tracking system to limit your downtime

Questions about electrical repairs?
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With years of experience in designing and manufacturing frontline systems, Zuidberg is the ideal partner for providing high-quality, hi-tech front linkage and Power Take Off systems.

With our front linkage solutions, you’ll benefit from integrated design, solid construction, easy mounting and a choice of lifting capacities.

Customised for each tractor, our front PTO systems are equipped with innovative features such as an ECON-system with 60°-degree free turn for easy coupling and an adjustable proportional engagement system to enhance the service life of your implements.

+ 250,000 agricultural frontlink systems since 1982

Why choose Zuidberg frontline systems?

• International specialist: world market leader in front linkage and PTO systems for more than 30 years
• Guaranteed quality: strict engineering standards to maximise the reliability and performance of each component
• Adapted to your needs: easy & safe mounting, dismounting and maintenance; compact design, replaceable bearings and choice of accessories

Discover more on the wide offering of frontline Zuidbeg systems at your local dealership.

• Accumulator
• Front double acting service lines
• Front weights
• Weight Carrier
• Chain support
• Light Kit
• EFC (Electronic Frontlift Control)
• Position Limiting Kit
• Lowering speed adjustment kit
• Implement "A" frame


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The right front loader makes lifting and moving materials easy and hassle-free.
This is why New Holland decided to collaborate with leading international manufacturer Stoll to give you access to high-quality front loaders for your machines.

Built for agricultural customers like you, Stoll front loaders provide maximum power, rigidity and loading performance, as well as unbeatable features such as self-levelling and rapid dump.

Why choose a Stoll front loader?
• Market leader & specialist: leading manufacturer with years of experience designing and producing agricultural front loaders
• Adapted to your needs: wide range of sub-frames for tractors from 10 HP - +300 HP; compatible with all New Holland machines
• High quality, versatile products: focus on power, rigidity, loading performance and design with an array of additional features for more specific needs


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Why choose Berner hardware?

Benefit from a vast selection of high quality hardware components from Berner, leading supplier of engineering and automotive products:

• European market leader: over 60 years of manufacturing experience and innovation across Europe
• Reliable performance: guarantee products are robust, safe and of high quality through stringent testing
• Technical expertise: intensive R&D investment to add innovative functionalities and superior design; specializes in technical chemicals


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Vital to your productivity, your machinery needs to be looked after with care.
With the right lubricant, you can protect your machine, minimise maintenance & downtime and boost your performance, even in difficult working conditions and extreme temperatures.

New Holland therefore decided to team up with leading lubricant manufacturer Petronas to create AMBRA, a lubricant specially designed for New Holland machines to extend their service life, prevent cylinder liner cavitation and reduce the formation of deposits in the cooling system.

Why choose Ambra lubricants?

• 100% adapted: designed specifically for New Holland, tested and approved by New Holland
• Covers all your needs: complete range of lubricants and operating fluids including: engine oils, transmission oil, specific axle oils, hydraulic oils, brake fluids, greases and protective fluids for radiators
• Minimise your maintenance: an adapted product for each application limits the need for maintenance and the risk of downtime


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​​To meet your growing in-cab audio and visual requirements, New Holland has teamed up with ASM to provide a complete range of radios and video systems.
Designed for challenging agricultural conditions, ASM products combine innovation, reliability and proactive customer service to accompany you in all your daily tasks.

Why choose AMS radios?

• Adapted design: robust structure to resist dust and shocks; reduced depth for easy installation in small cabs
• Versatile usage: suitable for use in a wide range of agricultural tasks and machines; compatible with all New Holland machines
• Technical performance: features include backup and anti-shock memory to protect all your settings & data


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​​Tires play a key role in the performance and safety of your vehicle. The only way to stay on track all season long is to invest in quality.

New Holland therefore teamed up with leading tire specialist Euromaster to keep you driving safely in all conditions, all year around. As a subsidiary of the manufacturer Michelin with nearly 30 years of experience, Euromaster has several points of sales across Europe ready to cater to all your tire and service needs.

Why choose Euromaster?

• Leading tire expert: as a subsidiary of the manufacturer Michelin, Euromaster has 400 centers in France, 1,700 European points of sales and over 3,000 employees
• Dedicated agriculture service: work with a partner who understands and caters to all your needs from tire repairs to fitting, adding water ballast and re-inflation
• Premium service: benefit from the services of fitters trained in agricultural products, dedicated contact points, adapted tools and facilities, and free quotations

Questions about tires?
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• +100,000 products
• 850 locations in Europe
• 300,000 customers every day

Why choose Würth hardware?
Benefit from a vast selection of high-quality hardware components from assembly and fastening part specialist Würth: 

- Innovative services: storage systems and tool cost management for C-Parts; customised logistics and service solutions 
- Quality guarantee: each component is subject to strict safety and quality testing 
- Specialist knowledge: world market leader in assembly and connecting materials with over 100,000 products including:

• Screws and screw accessories
• Connecting and fastening technologies
• Chemical products
• Hand, electrical and pneumatic tools
• Electrical and sanitary products
• Industrial safety
• Automotive small parts
• Furniture and construction fittings
• Anchor technology
• Direct assembly and fire protection

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Weights play a key role in ensuring optimized weight distribution and maximum stability in a wide range of activities especially when lifting and lowering. To keep you safe and efficient, New Holland has partnered with Pateer, a leading international group specialising in developing accessories for agricultural machines.

Adapted to any kind of agricultural machines, Pateer’s customisable weights will keep you performing to your best, even in the most extreme working conditions.

Why choose Pateer?

• Leading supplier
: put your trust in an international group with nearly 100 years of experience developing and selling agricultural accessories for your machines
• Wide range of products: choose weights adapted to your specific needs with a guaranteed high-quality finish, superior design and a choice of settings
• Unbeatable service: access a vast European network of dedicated sales and maintenance teams; high levels of customer service, reactivity and availability

More information about weights?
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Why choose Tama crop packaging products? New Holland has developed a close partnership with Tama, a leading manufacturer of crop packaging products:

Adapted to your needs: specially designed to meet the specifications of your New Holland baler
• ​Superior results: ensure consistent baling results in terms of bale coverage and density
Customised support: personalised support and guidance at every step from choosing your product to any technical problems

More information about weights?


More information about our crop packaging products?
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