Successful combine harvesting starts with the right header, after all, you can only process what you actually put into the machine. By fitting a New Holland header, you will unlock your combine’s full harvesting potential and bring home a successful harvest. Want more? New Holland headers have been designed to perfectly match New Holland combines to send your harvesting productivity to the next level.

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Varifeed™ headers

Your flexible farming partner

Think New Holland Header. Think Varifeed™ header. The acclaimed header range offers unsurpassed on the go harvesting flexibility with up to 575mm of fore aft knife adjustment, which means your Varifeed™ header is perfectly at home in, quite literally, all crops. From the smallest 4.9 metre to the mighty 12.5 metre variant, Varifeed headers are fully compatible with all combine ranges.

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High capacity rigid grain headers

Reliable. Efficient. Productive.

High capacity grain headers are perfect for small to medium sized operations, or those which work in smaller fields. These traditional headers are easy to use and are ideal for operations which predominately harvest the same types of crop, such as wheat, oat and barley. A high capacity header is also ideal for harvesting rice. With their tried and tested robust cutterbar table, they offer unsurpassed reliability. If you run a TC, a CX5000 or a CX6000 combine, and are looking for get on and harvest simplicity, this header is for you.

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Maize headers

A perfect match

New Holland has developed an all-new maize header line-up which has been engineered by design to perfectly match our combines’ operating profiles. Following extensive field testing, both the rigid and flip-up versions deliver improved harvesting productivity and reliability. Like combine. Like header.

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Super-flex headers

Flex for harvesting success

Do you harvest on undulating ground yet want to maintain uniform stubble height? Look no further, as the New Holland Superflex header is your harvesting partner. The entire cutterbar flexes to perfectly follow the ground contours for a uniform cut. Available in 6.10 - 10.67 metres, it is right at home in all crops and is compatible with all New Holland combines.

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Draper headers

The most productive headers

Welcome to the world of the most productive headers. These headers are perfectly at home harvesting on the vast prairies of North America and Australia, and deliver equally impressive performance in Europe’s fields that stretch as far as the eye can see. These giants of the header world guarantee the highest throughput, right across the entire length of the cutterbar, scything through all crops, including those which have been wide sown, such as soya beans. They are the ideal match for the CX Elevation and CR flagship combine ranges.

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Pick-up success

New Holland offers a wide range of pick-up headers which guarantee smooth and speedy collection of crops which have been rowed by a New Holland Speedrower. No matter what the crop, whether grass seed, rapeseed or beans, to name but a few, your New Holland header will gather wider windrows and save more valuable grains. Available in 3.65 metre grass seed and 4.57 metre grain configurations, they are fully compatible with CR and CX Elevation models. No matter the size or gradient of your field, these advanced pick-up headers will clear them even faster.

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