Conceived for your fields

Good harvesting starts in the farmer’s heart. Tending the land is much more than a job: it’s a vocation. Your fields feel the care you give them, and give it back to you by providing their best produce. Only those who experience this relationship at first hand can fully explain it.
But you don’t need to do this all by yourself. New Holland is always by your side in understanding what you and your land need and in offering the right solutions, designed precisely for the challenges your production faces.
It is thanks to this dedication that we are able to develop machines such as CR Evo Series combine harvesters. They come with a complete set of advanced features, ideal for the kind of work you do. You become more productive, your work becomes easier, and your business becomes more profitable.
Your passion drives your fields. New Holland is always ready to help you achieve even more.

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Feeding system

Thanks to changes to the feeder floor and to the hydraulic cylinders, the CR Evo Series features high feed capacity and is compatible with headers up to 45 ft. Since they are as wide as the rotors, there is no funnelling of gathered material when transitioning from the feeder into the twin rotors: making the threshing and separation process easier.

A new, reinforced straw elevator, and double cylinders for lateral float, provide greater durability for components, as well as better response in lateral fluctuation.

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S3 Rotor

Over 40 years of efficiency. We improved the S3 Rotor in order to achieve the best threshing and separation performance available on the market. Its geometry generates up to 40% more centrifugal force, enabling threshing with virtually no loss. In addition, swift operation and high rotation speeds increase the flow of material that goes through the machine, as well as the amount of material intake.

The twin rotor technology has been displaying its harvesting efficiency for over 40 years and is exclusive to New Holland. This system provides a threshing and separation process unlike any other. Increased centrifugal force provides smoother threshing, and this results in better grain quality.

The twin helix feeding concept guarantees constant flow of material and smooth transition from the feeder into the rotors. We redesigned the threshing bars to increase threshing capacity while optimising the passage of material through the concave part.

In addition, directional vanes were redesigned to reduce potency consumption, allowing the machine to process more material. The vanes are adjustable and enable optimal performance for all types of conditions and cultures.

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Full efficiency at all times

Do you want to know how much, when, and where to adjust your machine’s travelling speed so that it always operates at full capacity? IntelliCruise™ does that for you. And even better, it does so automatically.

Material intake quantity is measured using a sensor mounted at the drive belt of the chaff elevator. In areas where crops are lighter, IntelliCruise™ increases machine travelling speed, so that it always operates at the engine’s full capacity. As well as this, the system can also be configured to be based on grain loss level, automatically helping operators set the lowest loss rates.

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