Quality and speed in a 9’2” and 10’4” machine

The new Discbine® 209 and Discbine® 210 disc mower-conditioners help you make the very highest-quality hay, and help you keep more of it. They cut crop closely, cleanly and quickly, and condition it uniformly for faster drydown, preserving nutrients.

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New Holland pioneered the Haybine® mower-conditioner to save time by combining what was once a two-step process with different machines into a single solution. Today’s modern Discbine models are built on that same legacy, improved to meet your needs and offer faster mowing and effective conditioning that saves time while speeding crop drying.

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Takes the worry out of cutting close

New Holland’s MowMax™ disc cutterbar breezes through tough mowing conditions and is backed by three full years of factory warranty so you can cut close with confidence. The reliable MowMax system saves you worry, time, aggravation and repair costs because it’s a truly modular design. Each disc module is independent, sealed in its own oil and protected from harmful impacts by exclusive ShockPRO™ hubs.

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Increase tonnage with the QuickMax™ system

Sharp knives give you the clean cut you want, with less crop left behind. As a result, tonnage is increased, you get fast regrowth and forage quality is assured for next cutting. It’s easy to stay sharp with the standard QuickMax™ knife change system. It allows you to quickly change damaged knives or flip an entire set to achieve that cleanly mown look that’s a haymaker’s pride.

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Higher retained quality through faster drydown

Faster hay drying not only means beating the weather, it allows you to get crop out of the field with maximum feed quality. New Holland offers three effective, fast-drying conditioning solutions, including gentle rubber chevron intermeshing rolls, steel chevron rolls for added durability, and LeaningEdge™ flail tines that are ideal for grass hay. No matter the system, each offers fast, infinite adjustments to conditioning intensity to match crop and weather conditions.

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Productivity sized to your demands

You can maneuver easily in small and oddly shaped fields with both of these nimble side-pull models. The Discbine 209, with its straight tongue and standard hitch design, is perfect for utilitysize haymaking tractors. If your operation or schedule demands more acres every hour, the widercutting Discbine 210 decreases mowing time by up to 10%. Unlike other side-pull disc mowerconditioners, the tongue of the Discbine 209 and 210 pivots at the side of the trail frame, providing a clear view of the front of the machine while mowing.

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