Dependable, clean cutting with time-saving convenience

Forage quality directly influences livestock weight gain and milk production. Maximize the return of your hay field with improved forage quality and tonnage by choosing the clean, uniform cut that begins at the MowMax™ cutterbar of New Holland DuraDisc™ Series heavy-duty disc mowers.
By cutting closely and cleanly, DuraDisc mowers leave less crop behind to increase tonnage with every cutting to boost weight gain, milk production, and ultimately the profitability and success of your operation. Disc mowers are a critical piece of equipment in many haymaking operations, both small and large-scale producers alike. DuraDisc heavy-duty disc mowers combine fast cutting with trouble-free operation and easy servicing. Durability is standard across all models in the DuraDisc lineup to assure you of the dependable performance you need season after season.

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DuraDisc mowers breeze through the toughest conditions to give you a clean, even cut, pass after pass. Choose the side-pull model with a 10’4” cut or from three mounted models with cutting widths from 6’8” to 9’2”.

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Dependability and confidence – MowMax™ cutterbar advantages

Disc mowers are the first machines to hit the hay fields. Dependable and confident operation comes standard on DuraDisc™ mowers. The MowMax™ cutterbar is backed by the 3-year factory MowMax™ cutterbar warranty for your peace of mind. Each MowMax disc module is an individually sealed gear case with a dedicated oil reservoir so gears stay properly lubricated, even when working on hillsides. Each module features a ShockPRO™ hub that absorbs harmful impacts and protects the cutterbar drive if the mower hits an obstruction.

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Adapts to rough field conditions

A flotation spring on DuraDisc Series mounted mowers allows the cutterbar to ride smoothly across the field. In addition, a spring-loaded breakaway latch allows the cutterbar to swing back if it hits an immovable object in the field.

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