2850, 3350, 3850 AND 4350 AIR CARTS

If you want the ultimate in control and flexibility, the 50 Series is perfect for you. With two and three-tank options, you’ll get a great combination of versatility and capacity. The 2850 and 3350 air carts are both two-tank models, with total tank capacities of 280 bushels (9,866 litres) and 330 bushels (11,628 litres) respectively.
The 3850 and 4350 models give you three integrated polyethylene tanks so you can choose to apply three different products at once, or apply two at once using two tanks for one product. Or you may simply want the additional capacity when applying a single product. Three tanks means three times the options for applying seed, fertiliser or granular products in a single pass.
The combined capacity of the three tanks is 380 bushels (13,390 litres) on the 3850 and 430 bushels (15,152 litres) on the 4350 air cart.
A big auger for the big cart lets you fill faster than ever. The 50 Series is equipped with a 254mm auger which has additional top controls and is balanced for fast, one- person operation.
Tread softly in the field with tyres to match your flotation needs.
A dual walking caster on the front of the tow-behind cart is standard. This walking beam design adds stability while dual wheels improve flotation. Air velocity sensors on the 50 series models allow the operator to monitor changes in air density. In the early morning air is heavy and carrying the product is easier; in the afternoon the air is thinner – the sensor lets you know what’s happening so you can consider the impact on how product is carried through the distribution system.
True tank level monitoring is available thanks to ultrasonic sensors, and adjustable optical sensors let you set an alarm to go off when levels are low. The 50 Series offers robust products that are powder coated for corrosion and UV resistance, are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance and safe, easy access to the top of the tank.

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