Correction Signals


Correction Signals​



The standard GPS signal that your phone or your car's SATNAV uses does not provide suitable accuracy for agricultural applications. That's why New Holland has developed a flexible product offering of correction signals that are used to correct the standard GPS signal to provide an accurate positioning service for farming. New Holland also recognizes that customer needs and agricultural applications vary globally so our correction signals are developed to fit all needs by providing a base accuracy, medium accuracy or high accuracy.

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PLM RTK+ is a high accuracy solution completely managed by New Holland and is built upon a highly dense network of RTK base stations throughout the region. The density and certified coordinates of each base station enables our PLM RTK+ solution to provide up to 1.5 cm accuracy.

Unlike traditional RTK services, which only provide correction for GPS signal, the PLM RTK+ solution provides correction for multiple satellite constellations (such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BEIDOU) to guarantee a robust service, even in difficult environments, such as working along tree lines.

Our correction signal is delivered over the Internet. New Holland's Telematics modems or third party modems are compatible with the service. The modem connects to our RTK network through the internet and RTK data corrections are transmitted to the GPS receiver mounted on the machine. The PLM RTK+ correction services are interoperable with almost all agriculture machines and GNSS receiver. This is because we are using the RTCM format, a standardised communication protocol between manufacturers.

PLM RTK+ is a subscription based RTK correction service, which delivers high quality modelled GNSS corrections to all users working inside the network boundary.

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RTK Fill

New Holland GPS receivers offer RTK bridging technology. The technology is a built-in feature of the receiver that allows continued operation of the receiver for up to 20 minutes when the RTK corrections are disrupted due to a dropped cellular connection or other source of interruption. The RTK bridging technology on the Cygnus Series receivers is known as RTK Fill.

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PLM Satellite Delivered Correction Signals from 15 to 5 cm accuracy

PLM 1, PLM 2 and PLM 3 satellite delivered correction signals are available exclusively through New Holland dealers. The wide accuracy range of PLM satellite signals ensures customers can find a solution that will fit their application and budget.

These correction signals are specifically for use by the PLM Cygnus receiver, and make for a simplified correction signal selection to have up to 5 cm accuracy.

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