Force A sensor – Anthocyanin sensor

Force A sensor – Anthocyanin sensor​


The Force A sensor is an optical sensor based on plant fluorescence: it measures on the go in real time the quality of the harvested grapes based on the anthocyanins content, responsible for the grape and wine red color. For each harvest batch, two indicators are displayed in real time on the IntelliView™ III touch screen:
• the average value of anthocyanins in mg/L
• the % heterogeneity of the harvest batch in anthocyanins When the system is coupled to the NH162 antenna, is able to record a map of anthocyanins variability in the harvested vineyard. This innovative solution makes the selective harvesting accessible and improves traceability of each harvest batch or trailer quality.

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Main benefits

• making up homogeneous quality of harvest batch at the cellar
• maximize the wine-making process according to the grape quality
• identify heterogeneous areas in the vineyards to prepare future selective harvests in the next years
• understand the effect of soil, topography, climate and other impacts over the grape quality

The Force A sensor can be mounted either on a BRAUD 9000 series with a destemmer or with a side conveyor version.

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