Opti Grape™ System

Opti Grape™ System​



The Opti Grape™ system aims at providing an additional level of Grape sample quality, improving the sorting process for MOG (Material Other Than Grape). The system is fully integrated, like a destemmer, one table sorting on top of each hoppers. It enables a cleaning of red grape varieties from 3 to 5 times better in weight of MOG compared to SOCMA destemmer. The system first level is composed of a pre sorter aimed at spreading the crop and select bunches of grapes to put in destemmer. As a result all alone fruits and MOG passes through separator rollers that are cleared and only bunches are put in destemming process that means less fruits in the destemmer and less juice produced. Then the separation concept is based on an air cushion surface, the berries, being round shaped, roll on the blowing surface whereas all MOG (regardless of shape and size) are blown away from hopper edge (Petioles, Bits of leaves, wood, but also dry, moldy and botrytised fruits). This affect positively the herbaceous taste on the wine produced and improve the chemical homogeneity of the grapes harvested specially during difficult maturation stages of the vineyard. The system is available on the 9040MA/LA, 9060LA, 9080LA.

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