Push button simplicity. Years of proven technology

Range Command is a simple, rugged and well proven transmission. It provides clutch-free gear changes within each working range. It is the ideal choice for general farm applications. Power Command is a full-powershift transmission: there is no loss in drive, no range shifting, just press the shift button. Only New Holland offers such a simple transmission choice.

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Smooth speed transition

New Holland IntelliShift has been developed to improve the quality of shift between ratios. Load, engine speed and oil temperature are all taken into consideration - making each shift as smooth as possible.

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Choosing the right transmission is as easy as changing gear

Range Command and Power Command are based around the same gear offering. You can choose a standard 19x6 40kph Eco transmission that not only provides 40kph at a reduced engine speed, but also uses an ‘overdrive’ design to minimise parasitic losses; the combined result, less fuel is used. For those requiring higher haulage speeds, opt for a 19x6 50kph Direct Drive transmission and for specialist work you can add a 29x12 creep transmission.

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Work together: Automation, comfort and productivity

Easy to set up and brilliantly effective, Auto Transport and Auto Field modes can really reduce the effort required to work a T6000 tractor over a long working day. With Auto Transport, the tractor will seamlessly shift ratios like an automatic car. It will even sense if the tractor is being pushed by a loaded trailer while descending a hill. If it does, it holds the current gear to provide engine braking. Auto Field allows the operator to dictate how much engine rpm fall there should be before an auto shift is made. Set it to a low level to maintain an even engine speed while carrying out PTO work, or a higher level to utilise the torque back up when ploughing.

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The clutchless forward reverse shuttle, operated via the steering column or the CommandGrip™ handle fitted to the optional SideWinder™ II armrest, can be programmed to automatically manage transmission shifts during a direction change.

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