The power and efficiency you’ve come to expect from New Holland

These Tier 2B engines offer you four key benefits:
• Performance: more power, torque, torque back-up and engine power management whilst maintaining outstanding transient response.
• Efficient operation: the fuel consumption will be the same or better than your existing T8. You will also benefit from reduced life-long operating costs.
• Simplicity: the simpler engine installation ensures a higher power potential and the reduced cooling system technology, delivers efficient operation.
• Consistency: no change in vehicle operation.

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Superior Engine Performance

The 24-valve cylinder head features four valves per cylinder for increased power, with faster response across the entire power band. A cross flow design provides superior fuel/air mixing, efficient combustion, resulting in improved performance, reduced fuel costs, and reduced emissions. The wastegate turbocharger provides the correct air/fuel mixture regardless of engine rpm, providing a more efficient, faster responding engine. The correct air and fuel mixture produces up to a 53% PTO torque rise at 1400rpm, facilitating greater engine recovery under load. On the two largest models, the variable geometry turbo optimizes the airflow entering the combustion chamber, resulting in more power and torque at low engine speeds e and greater efficiency at high engine speeds.

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All new Tier 2 compliant T8 tractors benefit from higher rated and maximum powers to boost your output. A T8.320 is rated at 250hp, but with EPM will produce up to 320hp. TheT8.350 is rated at 280hp but will deliver up to 351hp. The 311hp T8.380 and 340hp T8.410 develop up to 382hp and 409hp respectively. The mighty T8.435 is rated at 379hp but will produce up to 423hp using EPM technology.

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Engine Power Management

Engine Power Management (EPM) is a renowned New Holland tractor feature. In short, the engine develops more power and torque according to the load on the transmission, hydraulics and PTO. On a T8.380 tractor, EPM will deliver up to 71 horsepower extra, but only when it is needed, to maintain performance.

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New Holland is not going it alone when it comes to engine technology. They can draw on the experience of their in-house engine development group: FPT Industrial.
Pioneers: Fiat invented Common Rail technology in the 1980s and brought it to the masses in 1997 on the Alfa Romeo 156. They were the very first to introduce it on agricultural machines on the TS-A tractor. Pioneering. Always.

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