All wired up ready for your chosen guidance system

Series T8 tractors can be specified with a fully integrated New Holland designed and developed IntelliSteer® Automatic Steering System. Matching DGPS or RTK Technology to fully integrated control, IntelliSteer helps ensure parallel pass to pass accuracy of up to 1-2cm*. IntelliSteer is ideal for precision work in even the most demanding situations. It is designed to dramatically improve operator performance and comfort. All this and more at the touch of a button.
* Using RTK correction signal.

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Fully integrated IntelliSteer® guidance

Guidance system choice will relate to the intended applications and the need to integrate with existing systems. With T8 series tractors, all IntelliSteer options operate via factory installed systems that facilitate installation and upgrades. This enables the selected package to be modified and upgraded simply and more economically.

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The standard IntelliView™ IV monitor can be used to set up the optional New Holland auto guidance systems, and include a visual interface that can be employed when operating the IntelliSteer® system. The IntelliView™ monitors have a touchscreen display which allows the programming of a variety of guidance paths, from straight A-B runs to the most complex adaptive curves. You can also personalize your settings simply and easily and even transfer information from your tractor, direct to your PLM® Software package.

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IntelliSteer. On and off simplicity

The CommandGrip™ handle incorporates a single button that is used to activate the IntelliSteer system. New Holland makes advanced technology accessible.

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Integrated control systems

The New Holland IntelliSteer® System uses built in T3™ terrain compensated correction signals (roll, pitch, yaw) to keep the Navigation Controller II informed of the tractor’s orientation. Also integrated into the hydraulic system is a control valve which converts the signals from the Navigation Controller II into hydraulic movements of the steering system.

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The NH 372 receiver is capable of working with EGNOS, OmniSTAR, GLONASS or RTK correction signals. For RTK applications an integrated radio receiver is located inside the main receiver.

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RTK Base Station

An RTK base station can be used to broadcasts a correction signal to achieve a pass to pass accuracy of 1-2cm.

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Levels of accuracy and repeatability

New Holland offer six levels of accuracy. This enables you to select the right IntelliSteer® system to match your needs and budget. When using RTK correction with IntelliSteer® you can enjoy guaranteed year on year repeatability.

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