The perfect bale for your operation

New Holland has perfected bale formation and its 235,000 roll-belt balers are testament to this success. The combination of both rollers and belts ensures that bales are perfectly formed with a dense core. Furthermore, even density across the entire bale makes them resistant to extensive handling and improves the fermentation profile of silage bales. The variable chamber technology means that operations can vary the size of the bale produced in 5cm increments, from 90cm right up to 150 or 180cm to enhance baling flexibility. The Roll-Belt baler, as individual as your farm.

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The densest cores around

Bale density is decided right from the very first roll, that’s why five fixed rollers, which form a natural ‘D’ shape are used. This shape has been proven, during extensive testing, to produce the densest bale core.

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Endless belts for endless baling efficiency

Improving reliability. Reducing losses. The new endless four 273mm wide belts mean you’ve got balling all wrapped up. Constructed from advanced materials, the self-cleaning belts have been specifically engineered to maintain even better contact with the crop, especially when working in short grasses. They exert a uniform pressure for more even bale formation, and the decreased belt ‘wobble’ further enhances durability and reliability. Want more? They reduce maintenance too!

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The ultimate in easy maintenance

Laced belts are the default choice for customers looking for the ultimate in easy maintenance. Should a belt snap, it can be quickly and easily replaced using all-new low profile alligator staples for near seamless joining. Strong and durable, they are perfect for all conditions.

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Fully ejecting bales

The spring loaded bale ramp ensures that the bale is fully ejected from the bale chamber, and it prevents the baler rolling back to maintain tailgate clearance. The Roll-Belt baler, designed to keep you baling.

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The densest bales from New Holland

The Roll-Belt baler’s optional dual density system can increase bale density by up to 5%. Two density cylinders, one on either side of the bale chamber, control the rate of belt expansion to produce the densest bales possible. By only allowing the belts to expand when pressure reaches a pre-set level, solid bales with improved handling characteristics are produced. This is perfect for livestock farmers who may have to transport bales a considerable distance over bumpy ground during feeding or who are looking for the highest nutritional profile. The density is easily regulated using a control gauge on the side of the baler.

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