Flexible crop processing solutions

What are your bales going to be used for? As no two baling operations are the same, the Roll-Belt baler offers different crop processing options to suit your individual requirements. The ActiveSweep™ system transfers the crop directly from the pick-up to the bale chamber for gentle handling. The SuperFeed™ option enables straight through processing, to maintain long unbroken straw. CropCutter™ models guarantee super fine chopping for the densest, most nutritious silage bales. No matter what the crop, growing conditions or usage profile, the Roll-Belt baler has an option which is right for you.

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Highly efficiency CropCutter™ System

Utilising the same ‘W’ pattern rotor configuration, the 15 integrated knives guarantee super fine chopping, ideal for silage or chopped straw for bedding.

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Easy sharpening and hard faced knife kit

The entire knife drawer can be unlocked and the knives removed for easy sharpening. The hard-faced knife kit for CropCutter™ models is constructed from specially treated steel to increase knife durability and longevity in difficult crops. These knives can last up to three times as long as standard knives.

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When working at maximum capacity, and in the very densest silage swaths, the bale pick-up sometimes becomes blocked by large wedges of crop. New Holland baler operators have asked for a more efficient unblocking system, with the drop floor technology New Holland has delivered. The new drop floor functionality lowers the floor of the pick-up at the touch of the button, activated from the comfort for the cab, which enlarges the space to allow more crop to enter the baler. This facilitates non-stop baling and reduces productivity impacting downtime, as well as significantly enhancing operator comfort.

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