At a glance baler management

The Roll-Belt baler can be specified with a range of monitors to suit your individual needs, from the entry level Bale Command™ Plus II monitor, right up to the range topping IntelliView™ III colour touchscreen monitor. You will be able to manage all key baling parameters from the comfort of the cab. If you’ve already got a monitor you like, then the optional ISOBUS compatibility has been designed for you.

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Bale Command™ Plus II monitor: simple baler control

The advanced Bale Command™ Plus II monitor is standard, and enables operators to select from four wrap patterns and one custom wrapping option. The 10cm screen is 10% larger than the previous version and the soft touch keypad is easy to operate. Want more? How about backlight technology, invaluable when baling late into the night. If that wasn’t enough, it can memorise up to 20 individual bale count records too, music to contractors’ ears.

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IntelliView™ III monitor; touchscreen baler control

Professional baling operations will select the optional intuitive, colour touchscreen IntelliView™ III monitor. Familiar to SideWinder™ II armrest users, the large screen size enables at a glance monitoring of all key parameters. The touchscreen facilitates instantaneous adjustment of key parameters in response to changing conditions.

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ISOBUS compatibility

The entire Roll-Belt baler range can be specified with optional ISOBUS compatibility. What does that mean? Quite simply, you can use the monitor you already have in your tractor for single screen operation. What’s more, you already know its layout and functionality so it really is a case of: plug and play.

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Automatic bale wrapping

For truly automatic wrapping, the Roll-Belt baler will automatically start to wrap the bale when it has reached the predetermined size. No need to push any button or levers. The operator is warned by an audible signal in the cab. This leaves operators to get on with the serious job of baling.

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Bale fill sensors

Two fill sensors, located on the left and right side of the bale chamber continually monitor the fill profile, and an in-cab display relates this information to the operator. Quite simply, if one side is filling up more than the other, the operator knows and can adapt his driving pattern to compensate.

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Absolute baling safety

In tight baling windows, it can be tempting to carry out a little bit of maintenance without disconnecting the baler, and this can be fatal. In order to protect operators, New Holland has developed an electrical power safety cut off switch located on the drawbar. This cuts electrical power to the baler to ensure that it is fully deactivated. This significantly enhances safety when changing net or unblocking the baler.

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