Tailored wrapping options

Efficient tying and wrapping are what makes a bale a bale, instead of a mountain of material. New Holland also knows that no two operations are alike, hence the two wrapping options, the standard net only and twine and net option, the latter is perfect for contractors who work with a variety of customers. The entire wrapping system has also been upgraded, to speed up the process and to enhance accuracy to deliver best-in-class bale shape first time, every time.

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Second generation DuckBill system

The Roll-Belt baler benefits from a second generation DuckBill system which is physically closer to the bale, speeding up the entire wrapping process to get you back baling even faster. The spreader rolls maintain uniform coverage across the entire bale and the net wrap is actively placed inside the chamber, next to the bale for more accurate wrapping performance. The amount of net used is regulated by sensors and this simple, reliable system, guarantees consistent net tension and tighter tying.

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Right to the edge with EdgeWrap

The renowned EdgeWrap™ system means that the net wrap goes right to the edge of the bale, and in some cases, it forms an envelope over the edge of the bale. This protects the bales and helps retain their overall shape. Essential during extensive handling or when being used with a separate bale wrapper.

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