A long history of roll belt baling from New Holland

New Holland invented modern baling over 70 years ago with the invention of the world’s very first self-tying pick-up baler in 1940, and an unceasing quest for continual innovation was started. The very first round baler was launched 40 years ago back in back in 1974. Fast forward 15 years to 1989, and the first roll-belt baler was produced, the Model 630, and the rest, as they say, is history. Born in New Holland’s ancestral home and Centre of Round Baling Excellence in Pennsylvania, USA, today’s Roll-Belt balers have been designed and developed in Plock, Poland, in collaboration with New Holland’s Centre of Harvesting Excellence in Zedelgem, Belgium. An extensive global testing programme, which saw over 125,000 bales produced, means your Roll-Belt baler is sure satisfy your individual needs. Why? Because it’s been tested in a field very similar to yours.

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The very first round baler is developed, the Model 850 and uses chains to produce a 150cm bale.

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The range’s popularity leads to the introduction of the Model 845, which produces smaller, 120cm bales.

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The fast expanding range now features the Models 851 and 846.

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The Model 852 proves a hit with farmers.

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The most advanced chain baler to date is unleashed: the Model 849.

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The face of variable chamber baling changed forever with the introduction of the Model 630, the very first belt baler.

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Keen to enhance performance, New Holland upped the game with the Models 650 and 660.

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Responding to requests from hay and forage contractors, the Model 640 Silage Special is launched: delivering super dense bales.

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Bale-Slice™ technology is introduced on the Model 664 Silage Special. Enabling greater nutritional values, it became popular with livestock farmers the world over.

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The upgraded BR700 series is launched, and the all new BR740 CropCutter, for the finest chop, densest silage bales, is launched.

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The BR-A series comes into being, which offers a greater choice for baling professionals.

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The milestone of 200,000 round balers is reached at the New Holland production facility in Pennsylvania, USA. Testament to the baler’s universal popularity.

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The BR7000 is unveiled to the world, with 4 models, it is the most complete baling offering to date.

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The Roll-Belt baler with 20% higher capacity, distinctive New Holland styling and advanced features is set to significantly enhance baler productivity.

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New Holland celebrates its 40th anniversary since the introduction of the first Round baler.

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