New Holland’s Expectations

We demand the best from our partners

New Holland dealers encompass a sense of pride for the brand and understand that they are backed by 100 years of innovative technology. Dealers are expected to demonstrate:

  • Sound work ethic
  • Ability to meet financial requirements
  • Business experience
  • Aggressive marketing to meet and maintain sales and market share
  • Strong communication skills
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Customer support and satisfaction.

Financial Requirements

Dealers must maintain certain financial ratios that help them to generate a profitable bottom line while retaining adequate cash flow to cover day-to-day operations. They must meet initial capitalization and investment requirements in order to run a successful dealership.

A dealer must have the ability to develop and carry out a business plan that ensures the success of the New Holland brand and the dealership. As part of this, dealers are required to participate in the New Holland dealer financial benchmarking program as well as have sufficient accounting and management systems to ensure compatibility with New Holland’s electronic financial and communication systems. New Holland understands the importance of being a successful business manager and strives to support dealers in improving their bottom line.

Dealer Identity and Image

New Holland is recognized around the world for its leadership in producing innovative, high-quality products. As a part of the global New Holland network, dealers share this strong brand recognition that makes New Holland a leader in the industry.

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