A great finale for a great adventure

The 31st of October, after 6 months of actual exposition and years of
preparation, the World Expo 2015 in Milan finally closed its gates. And
so did the New Holland Agriculture Sustainable Farm Pavilion, with a
booming 850.000 visits throughout the fair.​

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New Holland Agriculture take actions, not just make actions. Signing the Milan Charter.

“We believe that agriculture is fundamental, not just for food
production, but also for landscape design, environmental and territorial
protection and conserving biodiversity.”
From the “Rights” section, The Milan Charter​​

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Our Farmers together again for the Heroes and Bloggers Days.

The protagonists of the New Holland Agriculture international campaign, Together We Feed the World, and of The Seeds of Life webseries, were at the centre of a 3-day activity at Expo2015 and at the New Holland Sustainable Farm Pavilion.

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