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A great finale for a great adventure

The 31st of October, after 6 months of actual exposition and years of preparation, the World Expo 2015 in Milan finally closed its gates. And so did the New Holland Agriculture Sustainable Farm Pavilion, with a booming 850.000 visits throughout the fair.

​​​​​Farmers and agricultural machinery fans, Ministers and VIPs, young people and schoolchildren and many people stopped by what was declared best Corporate Pavilion at the Class Expo Pavilion Heritage Awards to discover the way a Clean Energy Leader is working to feed the world.

With all the activities and workshops, permanent expositions and immersive storytelling that filled the Sustainable Pavilion, New Holland Agriculture has been able to show its full potential – and the potential of everyone who chooses to work with it. Indeed, the successful Seeds of Life Series also helped to tell the tale behind New Holland Agriculture’s philosophy online, and to show the lives of many heroes scattered around the world working every day to feed every one of us.
And to do it in the most sustainable way, always. The whole Expo 2015 project has actually been designed exactly with this in mind: sustainability. This approach has been rewarded by media and Government alike, as shown by the award as Leader in the Category for Sustainable Design & Construction, part of the initiative entitled “Towards a sustainable Expo” promoted by the Italian Ministry for the Environment, but most importantly helped reduce the impact a huge event like a world exposition is bound to have on a territory.

“These past six months, and let's not forget the preceding, and at times challenging, phases of designing, planning, building and organizing our pavilion, have represented for New Holland, and for me personally, an unforgettable experience that will have positive results for a long time to come” said Carlo Lambro, Brand President of New Holland Agriculture.

“Being the only manufacturer of agricultural machinery present at Expo with its own pavilion and setting ourselves the objective of showing the general public the vital importance of modern, efficient and sustainable farming, certainly represented a huge responsibility, but also generated an incredible amount of enthusiasm, which I observed in each and every person who was involved, whether ‘on the front line’ or ‘behind the scenes’ in making this magnificent adventure such a success. I would like to extend my warmest, most heartfelt thanks to them all”.

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