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Our Farmers together again for the Heroes and Bloggers Days

The protagonists of the New Holland Agriculture international campaign, Together We Feed the World, and of The Seeds of Life webseries, were at the centre of a 3-day activity at Expo2015 and at the New Holland Sustainable Farm Pavilion.

​​​​The place that celebrates them became the setting for important institutional meetings and moments of reflection and discussion.

They were accompanied in this journey by the Brand Marketing&Communications global team, that promoted and organized the meeting, and by well-known bloggers from the countries of origin of the New Holland testimonials. The event was an opportunity for Farmers and Bloggers to meet and debate on topics of global relevance.

Brand President Carlo Lambro welcomed and thanked all participants, and underlined the importance of celebrating this somehow historical meeting between the people who work the land, those who tells its stories, and those who provide the machinery to cultivate it.

From the 15th to the 17th of September, Jordan, Elke, Xavier, Gerry, Iliyas, Claudio, Francesco, Dave, and Victor visited the Expo and had the chance to exchange ideas during a workshop on themes that concern not only agricultural entrepreneurs but all of us as well: the relationship between the land and sustainable agriculture. Encouraged by the bloggers’ questions, the Farmers told about the sustainable farming practices they adopted in their farms to produce high-quality food in an efficient and productive way: wine, milk, cheese, asparagus, lettuce, wheat, barley, maize, sugar cane, vegetables. Bloggers also took part in a round table on the challenges of climate changes, discussing the approach of farmers towards such a debated issue and to the solutions put in place to face these challenges. The future and productivity of renewable energy sources, such as biomass, ethanol, and biomethane, were also topics of discussion.

They were days full of exciting and inspiring moments - such as a visit to Pavilion Zero that, with its highly conceptual content, introduced guests to what all Expo 2015 aims at representing – but also of conviviality, such as a pleasant cocktail contest.

The 3 days ended with a visit to the recently opened Alfa Romeo Historical Museum in Arese, where guests were able to admire all models of the legendary Italian car manufacturer, acknowledged as an emblem of technology and style throughout the world.

The event was undoubtedly a unique and memorable occasion for all participants, both because it was the crowning achievement of a journey begun in 2014, and because it started new professional relationships between some of the most representative farmers in the world.

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