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• More uptime, increased productivity and continuous day after day operation in silage
• More productivity, reduced fatigue, uniform bale size and less fuel consumption, all with the new IntelliBale™ system

New Holland Agriculture upgrades its Roll-Belt variable chamber balers with silage functional improvements and the new IntelliBale™ system. These improvements to the latest generation of this market leading baler range further raise the bar on performance and efficiency.

“New Holland has been an innovator in the Roll-Belt baler segment for over 25 years, introducing pioneering firsts that have changed the way variable chambers operate today,” said Simon Nichol, Global Head of Hay & Forage and Crop Production Product Management. “This is such a successful baler that there are more than 235,000 of them at work in fields around the world. The latest generation redefined round baling with its outstanding capacity, bale density, easy servicing and ease of use. But at New Holland we are never satisfied and we are already reaching higher introducing new features to improve this outstanding range even further.”

More in field time, increased productivity and continuous day after day operation in silage
The silage improvements to the Roll-Belt baler ensure it delivers a consistent top-notch performance in all crops and moisture levels as well as improving productivity by maximising uptime.

An innovative new dual follower roll sledge assembly replaces the single looped follower roll with scraper of the previous models. The smooth front roll and looped rear roll rotate together, preventing the crop that accumulates on top of the scraper and behind the belts in the follower roll area from wrapping on the rolls, which can lead to belt slippage or stalling in difficult silage conditions. This improvement eliminates the need to stop and clean crop from the roll and scraper, increasing the baler’s uptime – with consequent benefits to productivity.

In addition, the single looped nose roll with scraper in the tailgate has been replaced in the new models with a smooth front roll and spiral looped rear roll. The rotating action of the latter prevents crop from wrapping at the nose, while a gap in the tailgate side sheet allows crop to be expelled from this area. This eliminates the need to clear crop from the nose roll and improves the tailgate.

More productivity, reduced fatigue, uniform bale size and less fuel consumption, all with the new IntelliBale™ system
The optional IntelliBale™ system, which can be specified on ISOBUS class 3 compatible AutoCommand tractor models, automates the tractor control functions, reducing operator fatigue and fuel consumption. This technology enables the baler to control the tractor’s forward motion: it brings the tractor to a stop when the pre-set bale diameter has been reached, wraps the bale, raises and closes the tailgate when the bale has been ejected, then gives the operator the signal to restart driving and continue baling.

In addition to the reduced operator fatigue and fuel consumption, customers will appreciate the uniform bale size that is achieved with the IntelliBale technology, as bale diameter is automated and doesn’t depend on the operator’s reaction time. The consistent cycle times also increase the baler’s productivity even further.

Tony Peters, National Product Manager, New Holland Australia added “ the Roll Belt Round Baler remains a market leader in Australia, and with the latest updates this will ensure that the brand continues to be the dominant player in the Round Baler sector”. He went on to say “New Holland Dealers across the country ensure the balers are given industry leading support, for both parts and service. Technicians are regularly brought up to date with the latest service & support requirements ensuring customers have experienced support on hand when required.

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