An even wider BigBaler offering

From farmers to contractors, the BigBaler range is used in a wide range of field settings, as such, there are a many different customisable features that you can select which will ensure that your BigBaler is right for you. Biomass baling is a growing business, and New Holland has responded to that requirement with a specific biomass configuration. A range of features have been reinforced and upgraded to withstand the intensive biomass baling schedule. From heavy duty rotors through to an improved pre-chamber which can deal with stalky crops in its stride, the biomass BigBaler is ready to help you power the new biomass energy revolution.

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Super fine chopping and ultimate density

• TwinCutter™ front chopper offers ultimate chopping and shredding performance
• Fitted in front of the MaxiSweep™ pick-up the crop is shredded using 88 knives before being smoothly passed through the pick-up and into the baler
• The result is a fine chop that creates ultra-dense bales with enhanced combustion profiles for biomass operations, and ultra absorbent bedding for chicken or mushroom sheds

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Speciality crop compliant

• A vast range of speciality kits can be ordered to guarantee complete compliance with speciality crops such as sugarcane stover and for biomass operations
• These include specifically engineered plates and banana inserts, amongst other elements

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Hard faced knife kit

• The hard faced knife kit for Packer Cutter models is constructed from specially treated steel to increase knife durability and longevity by up to three times

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Strong monocoque frame

• The single piece frame has been engineered to offer outstanding structural strength for enhanced reliability and reduced vibration

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