IntelliCruise™ system. Optimised capacity. Ultimate uniformity.

The IntelliCruise™ feature controls the tractor’s forward speed through ISOBUS Class III technology, increasing productivity, improving operator comfort, improving fuel savings and optimising feeding rate in varying field and crop conditions. This system IntelliCruise has two running modes.
• IntelliCruise™ technology enables
• Up to 9% more throughput
• Up to 4% fuel savings
• Reduced operator fatigue

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Charge Control mode

• In Charge Control mode, available on CropCutter™ models only, the tractor speed is adapted to achieve optimum capacity by using sensor paddles which measure both the throughput of crop fed into the stuffer feeder channel, as well as the time to fill it to ensure the optimum tractor speed is maintained

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Slice Control mode

• In Slice Control mode, available on both the Standard and CropCutter™ models, the tractor’s speed is adjusted according to bale slice thickness and the system will strive to obtain the exact amount of slices defined by the operator

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