Integrated yield and moisture sensing

The BigBaler range of balers have been engineered by design with precision farming features. Bale weight and moisture information is continually updated and displayed on the IntelliView™ IV monitor. This data can be stored, downloaded and analysed with PLM® Connect telematics precision farming software to establish accurate yields maps. These can be used to fine tune inputs to maximise yields and minimise input costs.

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Precise moisture sensing

• The BigBaler moisture sense uses two star wheels to penetrate the bale, and passes an electric current between the two elements to determine the exact moisture of the bale
• This information is displayed on the IntelliView™ monitor which prevents unready crop from being baled, and enables the precise application of CropSaver additive

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On the go bale weighing

• The ActiveWeigh™ bale weighing system uses integrated sensors in the bale discharge chute to register the weight of the bale at the point at which it becomes free from the chute
• This system is independent of bale length, field conditions and baler movement
• All information, including single bale weight, average weight, total weight and tonnes per hour are displayed on the IntelliView™ monitor with accuracy of ± 2%

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Telematics: manage your machine from the comfort of your office

PLM® Connect enables you to connect to your BigBaler and view over 27 machine parameters from the comfort of your office. The new wireless file transfer feature allows easy and secure data transfer to and from your machines. This means easier access or transfer of data such as guidance lines, boundaries, coverage maps, yield and moisture data. In short, PLM® Connect will help you to reduce your fuel bills and improve fleet management and security in one simple package.

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My New Holland

Manage your PLM® applications and your entire farm operation, equipment and support through one centralized location. provides the infrastructure to connect your farming operation and share information, while using PLM® Connect telematics to manage your fleet logistics, utilization and productivity. Key My New Holland features include:
• PLM Connect
• PLM Customer Support
• Product guides and manuals
• Warranty documents
• PLM training materials
• Frequently Asked Questions

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New Holland offers a variety of precision farming packages which will enable you to tailor your inputs to reduce your costs and increase your yields. This information is recorded in real time by your baler during working, and it is simply and efficiently transferred for analysis by the computer package from the IntelliView™ IV monitor via the complementary 4GB USB stick, which is large enough to record data from over 600 - 700 harvesting hectares.

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